Preview of ABC’s “Nightline” visit to Foxconn factory hits web

We don’t often – scratch that – we never get to see inside Apple’s production line. Every once in a while a photograph shows up, but theirs never been an in depth look like you’ll see on ABC’s “Nightline”. The show promises to reveal how iPads, iPhones and Macs are made. Foxconn has developed a negative press image of late, enough to drive Apple to partner with the FLA to find problems and improve conditions for the workers. The video below shows a preview of ABC’s program (sorry, it’s Flash):

The show will air tomorrow evening, Tuesday 21st at 11:35pm PT/ET. Despite there being conspiracies due to ABC’s vague connections with Apple, the show doesn’t exactly make Foxconn’s plant look like a rosy life.

“Apple promised complete access, no dog-and-pony, no Potemkin Village, but they denied my repeated requests to interview Apple CEO Tim Cook or the senior vice president of industrial design, Jony Ive. In a three-golf-cart convoy, both Apple and Foxconn reps took us around to a half dozen production lines in Shenzhen and Chengdu, and there were always five to six people with us as we toured the factories and dorms. But aside from suggesting a visit to the counseling center or canteen, they never steered us to interviews and never interrupted.”

It seems as if Apple is genuinely trying to be open and honest, and that it has a genuine desire to improve areas of concern. Tim Cook was recently outraged at suggestions that his company didn’t care about the workers in China. Of course, there will be skeptics who think otherwise. But, if our favorite tech company can improve the lives of thousands of its factory workers, it’ll be a positive move in an industry that really needs it.

Via: MacRumors

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