OS X Mountain Lion to be download only

When Apple released OS X Lion, they were kind enough to realize that not everyone has broadband or fast enough internet to download a 4GB OS in a reasonable amount of time. I know what this is like because my internet is terribly slow. Anyways, they offered a USB stick packed with Lion as a (very pricey $69) alternative.

However, the Cupertino company recently confirmed to Pocket-Lint that the just announced OS X Mountain Lion will not be available via physical product. Your only option will be to download the operating system from the Mac App Store. What’s the deal? Apple claims that “It was an interesting test, but it turns out the App Store was just fine for getting the new OS.” That could be it, or Apple is just trying to tell you that it is about time that you upgraded to a faster broadband or maybe took into consideration moving near an Apple Retail Store and using their WiFi. If those two options don’t work for you, then maybe you should just buy a new computer. It’s up to you though.

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Via: Pocket-Lint

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