Lunatik Touch Pen – great Kickstarter project, only 15 hours to go

Every once in a while I spot a new accessory or project that really gets me excited. Look up iPad accessories anywhere and you get the same things: docks, cases, styli/styluses, speakers etc. In the case of styluses specifically, they’re more often than not chunky, inelegant lumps of inductive rubber. Not enough thought has gone in to design, and many designers don’t seem to click and realize we’re used to holding pens for writing, not hot dog sausages.

Thankfully, the Lunatik Touch Pen has been conceived, and is currently in prototype development. The accessory designed by Chicago based company, Minimal, can be used both as a regular ink pen and as an inductive scribbling implement for your tablet. The Kickstarter project had a target of $75,000, but has proceeded to obliterate that with current pledges reaching the dizzying heights of $288,085.

With 15 hours to go, it’s your prime opportunity to get your orders in, especially since it will only cost you $30, and you get two pens for that! We should be getting our hands on some samples to review once they’re launched. You can wait until then and see what we think, or pledge to help get this cool concept up and running. Your call.

Kickstarter page link:

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