iPhone alone makes more money than Microsoft

Whenever Apple releases quarterly financial results, we get big numbers. Massive, in fact.  They’re often so gargantuan that we need comparisons like, if Apple’s cash was piled up it’d reach the moon, or circle the globe twelvety-gazillion times. If there’s one company that historically, has been used most often to measure Apple’s success or failure, it’s Microsoft.

It’s only in the last 18 months that Apple overtook Microsoft in terms of profit, revenue and net worth. Since then, Cupertino has gone on to become the most valuable company on the planet. So, how does Microsoft compare to Apple now? Below is a chart that pits revenue from the iPhone alone against the entire Microsoft company.

Last quarter, the iPhone pulled in $24.4 billion in revenue while Office, Windows, Xbox, Windows Phone and all the other sub-sections of Microsoft pulled in marginally under $21 billion.

Compare Apple as a whole and it’s pretty incredible. Cupertino turned over $46 billion in total, against Microsoft’s $21 billion. That’s more than double the cash that Ballmer’s company raked in. Profits were a similar story. Apple’s $17 billion vs. Microsoft’s $8 billion.

The question is: will Apple keep on growing? Or will it eventually start slipping? Let me know your thoughts on this news below.

Via: Business Insider

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