iPhone 5/6 not coming until September/October?

I know, it’s a bit early in the year to start release date predictions for the next iPhone. However, the interwebs are all ablaze with the latest tidbit of speculation, thanks to Japanese tech site, Macotakara. According to one of its “reliable sources” Apple has switched to a Fall release cycle for the iPhone range.

In the past – before the iPhone 4S – almost ever iPhone launched in June. The 3G was the only one that didn’t, it was “delayed” until July. The latest iPhone caught everyone by surprise when it didn’t make an appearance in June last year at WWDC. Instead, software was the only focus at 2011’s World Wide Developer’s Conference, and it could well be the same this year.

To be honest, I’m pleased with this move – if it turns out to be true. Traditionally, September/October was reserved for iPods, but they’re clearly not a big focus for Apple anymore. Any new updates to the music player range will be minor, and will most likely be tagged along with the iPhone. It also gives Apple the opportunity to use its Developer’s Conference for what it’s meant for: software. Thousands of developers show up every year to try out Apple’s new operating systems, and sit through important seminars and lectures. Taking the hardware away would mean keeping hardware and software announcements separate, which suits me down to the ground.

Side note: I can’t imagine how annoyed 4S buyers would be if a new phone came out only 9 months after they bought theirs. Apple looks after its customers in this respect, and will do well to stick to the pre-holiday launch.

Via: Macotakara

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