iPad 3’s Retina display “confirmed” – 2048 x 1536 pixels?

There have been some pretty convincing leaks over the past few weeks and months showing off various parts of the next iPad’s internals. Most interesting were the new back panel and the 9.7″ Sharp display that fit the back panel perfectly. Rumors of an iPad Retina display have been simmering for a while. It’s only been recently that we could be certain that it is – in fact – on its way to us.

MacRumors, in an exclusive article, managed to get their hands on one of the Sharp display panels and zoomed in to do some photographic pixel counting. Unsurprisingly, the photos show double the pixel count of the iPad 2’s display.

What is an interesting point is that the Pixel count doesn’t quite reach the 300ppi density that enabled Apple to use the Retina brand name. However, since the iPad is generally viewed from further away, the less dense the pixels need to be to indistinguishable. On a TV set for instance, or a Mac, Apple could get away with much less than 300ppi. Food for thought.

Via: MacRumors

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