Case-Mate Phantom for iPhone 4/4S – Gallery/First Impressions

If you like to have your phone protected to the extreme, but want a touch of style and class, there aren’t many ways to go. You normally get one or the other. You face a choice: unquestionable defence against the forces, or awesome looking case that your friends will gawp at. Case-Mate attempts to meet you in the middle on both counts with the Phantom.

The Phantom Case comes in two parts. One mostly transparent part fits over the front of your iPhone, then slots in to the back cover. Once in place, you have a rugged and relatively attractive case. Considering the extra bulk it adds to your iDevice, it feels comfortable in hand. That being said, I’m not someone who needs this type of protection for my phones, thanks to my sedentary lifestyle. But, if I did, I’d certainly consider the Phantom.

The cases is available in Pink, Black, Aqua or Navy, each comes with a screen protector (my review unit didn’t). It costs $50 and can be purchased on Case-Mate’s online store. I’ll have my full review up tomorrow. Gallery below includes a step-by-step guide on how to install the Phantom.


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