Apple’s dominance in the tablet market could be dwindling

Since the iPad first hit the scene a few years ago, Apple has been king of the tablet game. And while the company still dominates the tablet market by a wide margin, it might not be that way forever.

According to a company called TrendForce, Apple is projected to earn 62% of the tablet marketshare in 2012. Certainly this is impressive, but not quite as impressive as previous years. In 2010 Apple reigned supreme with a whopping 87% marketshare, but once Android and other prominent tech giants began selling tablet computers, that number dropped to 66% in 2011 and, if TrendForce is correct, will continue to drop to 59% by 2015.

The funny thing is that Apple isn’t actually selling less iPads. In fact, it’s selling more! Apple is projected to sell 94 million iPads this year, which is a crazy 53% increase over last year’s 62 million. But, if the company is selling more iPads, how can their marketshare be dropping?

Well, the simple answer is that there’s simply way more tablets out there than there was two years ago. The market is flooded with tablets from every major (and minor) technology company. It’s simply impossible for Apple to hold on to anything as extreme as 87% of the market forever.

That being said, though, the iPad is still the dominant player in the tablet game by far. Even with this slight dip in marketshare, Apple will remain top dog for quite some time. This is because, even if the iPad’s marketshare dips below 50%, the competition will be tons of different tablets. The fact that one single device boasts such high numbers is a phenomenon that isn’t likely to dissipate any time soon.

Plus, a bit of competition is good. It means more innovation, more competitive prices, and a better selection of products for the consumer. Do you agree?



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