Apple falls behind in China’s smartphone market

Apple has had a pretty tough time in China these past few months, and it looks like endless patents rows and the manufacturing scandal is starting to take its toll. Apple’s share of China’s smartphone market has dropped for the second quarter running.

Gartner today released their market figures, and Apple has slipped to No. 5 in the rankings. In the last 3 months the Cupertino company’s share has dropped from 10.4% to 7.5%. Apple is under a lot of pressure from mainstream companies Samsung and Nokia. Samsung finally knocked Nokia from the top spot, taking in a massive 24.3% of the market.

There is also a lot of competition from the smaller, more locally based companies ZTE Corp and Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. They drew in 11.% and 12.6% of the market respectively.

The Apple store rioting marked the highlight of a torrid business year for Apple in China

China has a massive 975.5 million mobile subscribers, a figure that’s expected to break 1 billion sooner rather than later. Any share in a market that size is impressive, but Apple will be dissapointed they haven’t done better. This may be because China Unicom are currently the only provider that carries the iPhone, Apple are looking to strike a similar deal with China Telecom Corp LTD, which should expand the market for Apple.

Via: Fox Business

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