Accessory Review: Elago S4 Glide for iPhone 4/4S

Category: Cases
Model: S4 Glide
Price: $28.99 currently (usually $29.99/$39.99)
Seller: Elago
Requirements: iPhone 4/4S 

TiP Rating: 3/5 stars


Elago’s motto attractively scribed on the inside of the case reads “Design is Improvement”, and it sums up the case quite well. The effort has clearly gone in to making an attractive, minimalist case. I do worry about its protective qualities though.


Ever been shopping for an iPhone case? Yeah, me too. On more occasions than not, I’ve been unsuccessful. Priorities are everything. Do you want a good looking case that stops your iPhone from being damaged by small knocks, or do you want your phone to have maximum protection at all times? Chances are, if you fit in to the latter category, this case isn’t for you.

The first thing that struck me about the case was its simplicity. It’s slim, minimalist and attractive. Thanks to the removable and interchangeable bottom part, you can change the look of your device whenever you like. You can also get soft feeling cases as well as the shinier plastic ones. With 14 different color main bodies to choose from, there is a fantastic array of color combinations available. Elago generously sent me the aqua case along with the soft feeling grey case. Personally, I much prefer the soft touch case.

Inside with close inspection there are precision engineered grooves to perfectly fit around your iPhone’s antenna. Thanks to this attention to detail, the case fits incredibly well. It also means that the designers could make a super slim case that adds very little bulk to your iPhone. One part of the design I really enjoy is the two conjoined round cutouts that surround the camera lens and flash on the back. Really nice touch. It also comes with front and back screen protectors to stop your iDevice getting any scratches.

There are some negatives though. Since a high priority is placed on design with this accessory, I had to be extra picky when checking it over. Inside the cases, the paint job was slightly uneven on both samples. In an effort to save money, and make production easier, the manufacturers opted not to go for coloured plastic. Instead, it’s white plastic that’s spray painted. There are also four white dots inside the cases where the paint has completely missed. In addition, on the outside, there’s a visible seam. It’s not major, but it’s there and should be filed or sanded down smooth. It’s the little details like this that could turn it in to a truly stunning case. And, quite frankly, for near enough $30 I’d expect it to be.


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