Accessory Review: Cygnett Workmate Pro for iPhone 4/4S

Category: Cases
Model: Workmate Pro
Price: $20
Seller: Cygnett
Requirements: iPhone 4/4S 

TiP Rating: 3.5/5 stars


Considering its price point, the Workmate Pro is a great piece of kit. It’s protective without being bulky or unattractive, and is comfortable to hold. Work could be done on materials, but, then the price would undoubtedly rise.


A few weeks ago I’d only heard the name Cygnett mentioned a few times. I knew who the company was and that it made cases for iDevices. I had no preconceived ideas about the quality of the cases, and hadn’t had any reason to chase them up. Then I saw the Metalicus, and found it to be a great concept. After contacting them and getting some review units through, they quickly became one of my favorite accessory makers. None of the cases are too expensive, and they’re all a fantastic quality. My hopes were high for the WorkMate Pro.

The Workmate Pro for iPhone 4/4S is a case made of two parts, each made of a different material. On the outside is a tough – but not hard – polycarbonate layer. The black, stiffer layer holds the inside rubber part securely in place on your iPhone. Simply insert your iPhone in to the flexible sleeve, and then clip on the polycarbonate shell. Simple.

On the corners the rubber is visible thicker to protect your favorite phone from any bumps and drops. It also  covers the bottom part of your phone – beneath the display. Due to the material used, this is inevitable as it needs something to hold on to, but it’s not particularly attractive. Being really picky: the rounded corners that surround the display cut off a small part of the lower corners of your iPhone’s screen. I get that rounded corners are more attractive, but when it cuts of part of your display a re-think is needed.

Let’s face it, this case hasn’t been designed to look pretty. It’s designed to protect. That being said, the arrows/chevrons on the back of the case give it a unique look, and help it stand out in a market full of clones. Considering the thin profile and lack of bulk, this case offers fantastic protection. As long as it’s been on my phone, I’ve not once worried about damaging my iDevice. It does its job. The only issue, performance wise, is that it does seem the let more fluff and pocket dust in than I’d expect from such a case. Its cousin – the Apollo – does a much better job at keeping fluff out, and offers similar levels of protection.

Overall, I’m happy with the case. It protects, and feels great in hand. If the soft inside sleeve was made of better quality material and kept dust out more efficiently it would take it from being great, to being incredible. Another job well done by Cygnett.


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