Accessory Review: Cygnett Apollo Hybrid case for iPhone 4/4S

Category: Cases/Skins for iPhone 4/4S
Model: Cygnett Apollo
Price: $30

Seller: Cygnett
Requirements: Compatible with iPhones 4/4S, CDMA and GSM.

TiP Rating: 4/5 stars


Cygnett’s Apollo Hybrid case redefines what a plastic protective case should be, it goes beyond the usual expectancies and offers incredible protection without being Otterbox-bulky. I just wish it was prettier.


It’s difficult to know where to start with this accessory. Let’s just say I was incredibly skeptical when I first saw the Apollo sitting in its trendily semi eco-friendly packaging. “Surely it’s just another plastic case” was my first instinct. I was wrong. The hard plastic outside is scratch-resistant (not scratch proof – I put that to the test) and repels greasy finger prints while giving a nice, smooth but not slippery feel. This combination with the more grippy, soft rubber on the inside means that not only is your phone protected from hard knocks on the outside, it’s cushioned on the inside to reduce shock impact.

Design wise, it’s not been drawn up to be the most beautiful of cases. It comes in a few different two-tone combinations, I got the red and grey version. There’s black and grey, white and grey too. On the inside there’s an interesting concentric circle design, looks cool, but has mostly been made that way to help reduce impact to your iPhone. All the right parts are accessible, thanks to some perfectly placed cut-outs. The volume keys and home keys are still press able, but are covered by grey rubber “buttons”. These don’t offer a convincing tactile sensation, but they work well.

Inside, if you look closely you’ll see a series of red lines, which as far as I can make out offer a rigidity to an otherwise pliable material. They hold the sides stiff, so that it grips on to your phone and isn’t loosened by any knocks or drops. On the front there’s also a small lip that should help keep your screen safe if it face plants. It should take most of the impact at the very least.

There aren’t many negatives that are avoidable with this accessory. The grey strip that forms part of the dock connector cutout is rubbery and thin, and does seem to do much that’s beneficial. Having said that, if it were made of harder material, it could quite easily snap and the case does need some flexibility to make it possible to remove and insert your phone comfortably.

Overall, I’m delighted. I didn’t expect to be, and was pleasantly surprised. Sure it adds a little bulk to your phone, but the way it fits so snug, and protects your phone gives a reassurance and pleasure that I’m yet to experience with any other case. I’ve not taken it off my phone since I put it on.

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