Vancouver man pays $620 for clay iPad

Last Christmas, a Vancouver resident by the name of Mark Sandhu bought his wife and iPad 2…or so he thought. To her surprise and his, the package contained not an iPad but a chuck of clay instead. Talk about an old-school tablet.

The man then tried to take back his purchase to the Canadian retailer Future Shop and complain, but the manager thought that he was the scammer and not in fact the scammed. It wasn’t until Sandhu contacted CTV about the incident and more ClayPad cases started popping up in other stores such as Best Buy, that he got his money back as well as a free iPad 2 for compensation.

Scams like this are not anything new. For years people have been buying products, taking tech out of the box, and replacing it with rocks or bricks. Retailers would then sell the “bricked” iPads (sorry for the pun) to other unsuspecting customers. There apparently have been 10 other reported cases of this ClayPads in the Vancouver area Wal-Marts, Future Shops, Best Buys and others have been found in Victoria stores as well. If you happen to live near either of those places, I would advise you to buy from an Apple Store or make an un-boxing video as proof.

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Via: Tuaw

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