TelOnNotification: Make phone calls in Notification Center [Tweak Review]

So there you are, minding your own business when all of the sudden your buddy sends you a text: “Dude! Call me! Now!” Now you have two choices to make. You can either flip through your countless pages of apps, searching aimlessly for your Phone application, or you can swipe down Notification Center and immediately call your friend without the worry or hassle of finding that dreaded green box. I don’t know about you guys, but doesn’t option number two sound a little bit better?

If you answered yes, then you’ve got to check out this tweak: TelOnNotification. TelOnNotification is an easy to use, convenient alternative to the Phone application. With the addition of this small, beautiful Notification Center tweak, you’ll be calling up all your friends like it’s 1999.

This app is very simple. Swipe down Notification Center, tap “Telephone number to call”, then input the desired number. That’s it. It really is that easy to use.

That being said, there isn’t too much else to mention about this tweak. It does its job and it does it very well. Sadly though, if you do not know your friends number by heart, you will be forced to look it up from your Contacts app, but it shouldn’t be too much of challenge for the developer to resolve this in later updates. If you’d like to pick it up, you can find it in the BigBoss repo, absolutely free. So what have you got to lose? Nothing. Go check it out, then report back to, or to our Facebook page and let us know what you think! See you guys this Thursday when we review DreamBoard, the greatest application to ever be released for iOS.

App: TelOnNotification
Repo: BigBoss
Developer: timetravel0
Price: FREE
Rating: 4/5

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