Rumor: iPhone 5 to have mobile wallet, Apple “heavy into NFC”

An interesting story popped up over at 9to5Mac today regarding the future of mobile wallets and contact-less payment systems. NFC itself has almost become a non-entity, in that, it hasn’t become a huge success on mobile phones to date. The Nexus S showboated it as a huge feature, but the lack of merchant support made it almost redundant. As of yet, it’s not made a big splash in the banking world – except through contact-less credit cards.

A “well connected developer” at Macworld told 9to5Mac that it was developing a new app. The software would contain NFC reading technology, and currently would need a third party accessory to work. (Something like the Moneto case pictured above.) However, the source making the app claimed it was preparing for the iPhone 5, claiming that Apple is “heavy into NFC“. When questioned on the level of his certainty, he stated “Enough to bet the app development on.”

What’s curious about this is that – as mentioned earlier – merchants/retailers don’t have widespread NFC infrastructure in place. Would Apple really get in to the NFC field without there being an established market? Or, are Cupertino looking to give it the kick it needs to go global? Share your thoughts below.

Via: 9to5Mac

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