iPhone 5 concept render designed – dubbed “iPhone SJ”

In tribute to Steve Jobs and in vain hope that his concepts might get picked up on by someone more influential than a professional blogger, Antonia De Rosa of ADR Studios has designed yet another concept. His previous two, the iCam camera attachment for iPhone and the TV control/tablet were not particularly practical. However, this iPhone concept really caught my attention.

The design is sleek, thin and it’s “made” from a lightweight polycarbonate material, covered with a sheet of glass. The display looks a great size, and the home key has been replaced by a capacitive button. Although it’s kept a square-ish look, it still looks a little more curved around the edges which would make for a more comfortable in-hand feel than that offered by the iPhone 4/4S.

Internally, the handset has a dual core A6 processor. The 8MP shooter has been replaced with a 10MP camera. Since higher pixels don’t necessarily mean better images, I’m not sure why the designer opted to improve the pixel count on the lens. One thing I particularly like is the tribute to Steve Jobs given on the rear of the device. The former Apple chief’s infamous signature marks the back of the phone. It would be the perfect way to remember the late, great Steve Jobs.

Via: ADR

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