iPhone 4S takes wrap for eating data, real culprits uncovered

It has emerged in the past couple of days that anyone who has recently bought an iPhone 4S is consuming twice as much data as standard iPhone 4 customers, and almost 3 times as much data as an iPhone 3GS user. Naturally, Siri has become the scapegoat for these extortionate data figures, but we can’t just blame iPhone 4S users for stealing all our bandwith. Recent reports have revealed that 3% of all mobile users consume 70% of all the world’s bandwith.

iPhone 4S users off the hook, a recent report has revealed who the data-hoggers actually are. According to British company Arieso (a group that specialises in advising mobile operators across the U.S, Africa and Europe) the hungriest subscribers are predominantly USB dongle and 3G modem users, this tiny %1 fraction uses up %50 of all the worlds 3G data.

These truly staggering figures can be explained due to the fact that 3G modems have a relatively small subscription rate compared to smartphones, yet they have an incredibly high data usage rate, below is a relative chart that shows data usage of 3G modems compared to the iPhone 3GS, as you can see, the figures are pretty drastic.

3G modems use 23-24 times more data than an iPhone 3GS

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    Thanks for this article Now I know what devices are bandwidth hogs.