iPad 2 survives drop from space

“iPad 2 survives fall from 100,000 feet!” This and variations of this title have been popping up on tech blogs all around. Perking my interest of course, I thought I would take a look. What I saw was pretty amazing. The people over at G-form–who have been known to do crazy stunts promoting their iPad case–has released another video featuring their G-Form Extreme Edge iPad case. This time they upped their drop height from 60 feet to a whopping 100,000 feet by sending an iPad up to the edge of space in a weather balloon and letting it drop.

The company released a stunning hi-def video Thursday where the nearly naked iPad is shown hanging above the Earth in the blackness of space. In the video, the iPad is lifted to over 100,000 feet by a weather balloon which bursts at altitude, then releasing the iPad to free-fall to Earth where it crash lands on a rocky hillside in the Nevada countryside. Perhaps even more remarkable than the dramatic hi-def footage itself is the fact that the iPad survives the adventure, remaining fully functional.

As you can see from the video, the iPad survive…because it landed on its back. Now this just brings up one question for me. What would have happened if it had landed face first? I mean, the case is super protective and all, but there is nothing on the screen. This video shows that the case is strong, but I think there was also a bit of luck involved.

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Via: YouTube

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