Hiker saved by iPhone flash

There used to be a time where if you got lost in the forest, you had better know how to start a fire, make a shelter, pick berries, and maybe even wrestle a bear. However, in this digital age, all you really need is a smartphone with great coverage and a led flash. When Mr. Tkacik of Maryland got lost, it was a good thing that he had his iPhone with him.

I imagine the forest looked a little like this...

He was out walking his dog through the woods on New Years Eve when he found himself lost among the trees surrounding the Catocin Mountain. After a few hours of wandering around, he used his iPhone to call his help. He was then instructed to stay put, as help was on their way. To make it easier for the rescue team to locate him, he didn’t make a regular campfire though. He used his flashlight app on his iPhone to attract them to his location. Tkacik and his canine friend were able to get out of the woods without injury and even make it home in time for his New Years plans.

This just shows that nature and technology do go together.

Via: Tuaw

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