App Store downloads clock record high in the final week of 2011

According to mobile analytical company Flurry, 1.2 billion apps were downloaded in the final week of December, a new record. Spurred on by the barrage of device activations during the festive season, the figures for app downloads rocketed worldwide. Around half of the 1.2 billion downloads came from the USA, nearing 510 million downloads. China followed with 99 million downloads, and the UK grabbed third place with 81 million. Other contributors include; Canada, France and Germany, who all scored about 40 million downloads.

"The success of the App Store will most likely continue in 2012"

In its blog, the firm said that figures like this will inevitably become a more regular occurrence in 2012, and when you look at Apples figures for the past year, it’s not hard to see why.

Numbers taken from show that across the smartphone spectrum customers acquired an accumulative 30 billion app downloads, 18 billion of these were Apple downloads. Android hit 10 Billion, and RIM broke the 1 billion mark earlier this year. 242 million of these (Android and iOS collectively) came on Christmas day, the biggest one-day app haul in 2011. Almost half of iOS apps downloaded were free apps that allow users to make purchases within the program.Apple has undoubtedly had a fantastic year in the App market, but what do you think about 2012? Will download figures just keep rising? Will we ever reach a point where we don’t need any more apps?

Via: BBC

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