“New New Twitter” launched for iPhone – app gets major revamp

Check over your twitter feed and you’ll notice plenty of users hash tagging #newnewtwitter, or something to the effect of. The iOS app has seen a major update. Version 4.0 has a completely redesigned UI that’s more intuitive, quicker and looks great.


The app has a simple 4-icon dock at the bottom: Home, Connect, Discover and Me. Home shows you all the updates from whoever you’re following. Connect replaces the old Mentions tab and shows you either just your mentions or interactions, like new followers. Discover lets you catch a glimpse of what everyone else is talking about on twitter, and Me is your profile.

If you check for updates in the App Store now, you should find it. For those with an iPad, it’s pretty much exactly the same as the previous version. Despite being a universal app, only the design for the iPhone has been updated as far as I can tell.


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  • bypass

    is it the first update on android prior ios just wondering