Jake’s holiday top 5

It’s officially the holiday season, so to get in the spirit I thought I’d share the iOS gadgets and accessories topping my Christmas list this year! Check out my list below and then let me know in the comments or on twitter what your iOS wish list consists of this year. You can check out Bryce’s holiday top 5 here, and happy holidays!!

1. iHome iA91 App-enhanced Dual Alarm Stereo Clock Radio ($99.99)

This first one is more of a practical gift. I had an iHome for a number of years and loved it… that is, until I couldn’t get the alarm to shut off one morning. Long story short, it’s broken now. The iA91 is the latest and greatest from iHome, and it features an awesome design, great speakers, AM/FM radio, and it’s iPhone/iPod compatible. It also has a few really cool things like Time Sync, which means all you have to do to set your clock is dock your iDevice and click a button.

But by far the most appealing feature is the App-enchancement. This clock pairs with the full suite of iHome apps, and together you can do everything from setting customized alarms, connecting to Facebook and Twitter, accessing hundreds of Internet radio stations, and staying up to date on the weather.

It’s a little pricey, but I think it’s worth it. Let’s just hope it’s tough…


2. New Potato Technologies Pinball Magic for iPhone and iPod Touch ($34.99)

This iPhone gaming accessory takes iOS pinball to a whole new level. All you have to do is download the official Pinball Magic game on your iPhone or iPod, slide the device into the pinball machine accessory and you’ve got an iPhone-powered miniature pinball machine.

This thing features a working ball launcher plunger, plipper buttons, credit/select button, and an animated backbox with rotating beacon light to reward your pinball wizard skills! Basically, it’s totally awesome and definitely doesn’t fall in the “practical” category.


3. Incase Monochrome Slider Case ($34.95)

The Incase Slider has been my favorite iPhone case since I first got one for my iPhone 3G back in 2008. It’s pretty tough, protects the device without adding too much extra bulk, and it’s generally one of the nicest-looking cases out there in my opinion.

The Monochrome Slider is just one of Incase’s many offerings in the Slider line. I chose this one because I like the colors, but there are tons of options if blue on blue isn’t your thing.


4. morphie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 4/4S ($79.95)

This one is for all you 4S owners out there stuck with underperforming batteries. The morphie Juice Pack Air is a case for your iPhone with 1500mAh battery built right in! This is a great accessory if your looking to solve your battery woes, or if you just need a way to charge your phone on the go.

There are a handful of similar cases, but I picked this one because, with the rounded edges, chrome sides and sleek color choices, it’s definitely the best looking of the bunch. And, with Apple, it’s allllll about the looks.


5. Parrot AR.Drone quadricopter ($299.99)

Alright, this quadricopter (yes, it’s like a helicopter x 4) is absolutely ridiculous, way too expensive, and one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen. You control it with the accelerometer on your iPhone or iPad (or Android device). It has cameras onboard, so you can see “what the pilot sees,” built with military-grade technology, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

What’s more, this bad-ass accessory even has an augmented reality game built in that integrates “computer generated images directly into its real-time streaming video to create an augmented reality gaming environment complete with air-to-air missiles, interactive targeting systems, and fiery explosions.”

This definitely falls under the “if only…” category.

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