iPad 3 to have Retina display, slightly thicker body – rumor

A new report coming from Macotakara, which cites an Asian supplier working on components for Apple’s next iPad, claims the next-gen iPad may be thicker than the current version. This is kind of a bummer, considering Apple usually strides to make devices thinner. However, it has been suggested that the slight bulk-up could be due to components necessary to equip the tablet with a Retina Display, which is definitely a worthy tradeoff.

The report also claims that, other than the thickness, the form-factor of the iPad 3 will remain relatively unchanged. This means it will have the same rounded sides and screen size, so Smart Covers made for the iPad 2 will be compatible with the iPad 3, though cases that cover the back of the device won’t be.

What’s more, these slightly thicker back plates appear to have already made it online. Alibaba.com has not one, but two listings on its site selling alleged back covers for the next-gen device. Intesestingly enough, they appear to have a shiny finish, which is a big departure from the brushed aluminum we’re used to seeing on the iPad. They’re also lacking the quintessential Apple logo. In fact, if I had to bet, I’d say theses listings were fake.

The rest of this story is by no means fault-proof, but its not totally unbelievable.

What do you think? Will we see a slightly thicker iPad 3 rockin’ a Retina Display in March, or is this just another rumor with no truth behind it? And if this devices does actually come out, would you buy it even with it’s slightly bulkier frame?


Via: AppleInsider

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