Cat shows off Fruit Ninja skills

Domestic house cat by day, fruit ninja by night, this cat can really slice and dice. Cats have become  a major hit on the internet these past years. They command the attention of cat lovers and bored adolescents alike, racking up thousands of views on YouTube. Well, this cat is no different.

This cute little feline whose name we don’t even know has turned their owners iPad into a very expensive cat toy. This cat can play Fruit Ninja better than some people I know. With lighting reflexes and trained precision that can only come from years of mouse hunting, it is able to claw its way to a score of 128.

Now as cute and amazing as this is, I can’t help worry about the condition of the iPad’s screen. Perhaps the kitten has been declawed or maybe it has excellent control. Whatever the case is, I encourage you to check out the video below.

Via: Marcztr, Ubergizmo 

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