AT&T has officially started slowing data speeds for top 5% of data users

If you’re an AT&T customer grandfathered into an unlimited plan (like I am), and you use a lot of data, you may soon be getting an interesting unfortunate text message from the carrier. AT&T is reportedly following through with plans announced in July to throttle the internet speeds for the 5% of heaviest users.

The text reads in question reads “Your data usage is among the top 5 percent of users. Data speeds for the rest of your current bill cycle may be reduced.” And if you happen to receive such a message, you should prepare to have your data speeds slowed to 2G numbers, which is absurd.

It is important to note that, according to Cult of Mac, AT&T really only intends this policy to effect “jailbreakers on unlimited plans who are using tethering Cydia hacks to get around subscribing to AT&T’s official tethering plan,” though it’s unclear if this is actually the case.

If anyone happens to receive this special treatment (or if you already have), I’d be interested to know whether your running jailbroken software or stock iOS.

Do you guys think this is fair, or should AT&T just eliminate unlimited plans all together instead of making users pay for something that they aren’t really receiving? Comment below or let me know on twitter!

Via: Cult of Mac

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  • weezy

    I have experienced the same thing I have a skyrocket galaxy. They cut my data speed and I’m on a unlimited plan. Normal usage

  • I Received It This Morning After Checking My Usage Last Night Which Read 10gb. I’m Not Jailbroken – On Stock iOS 5.0.1.

  • Kjhaltz

    I think it’s fair because it is the 5% that is abusing their data because it’s unlimited. I mean I’m sure they will still have 3G but if the over download I’m sure over say 4-5gigs then AT&T will throttle.

    But AT&T isn’t the first to do this Tmobile did/does it with their unlimited plan, clear wire does it with their unlimited data if you are downloading a lot of data.

    • Jake

      How is it data abuse if it’s “unlimited?” How can you use something that you pay to be “unlimited” too much?

      • Kjhaltz

        I understand it being unlimited but I shouldn’t have said abuse but maybe yeah if they consume massive amounts then throttle that data. Im sure it does not state unlimited 3G data but unlimated data.

  • Jonny

    After the second notice from ATT, I switched to Sprint. ATT is Absolutely ridiculous!

  • Fahim

    Hey guys help me I have iPhone 4 iOS 5 at&t baseband 04.11.08…how to unlock or carrier am using in India help me

  • Nicholas

    Thats why I switched to Verizon Wireless.

  • sam

    I got the message today and now im pissed because i pay for unlimited data so im gonna use what i pay for! I dont really text or call people im mostly on the internet and downloading music once in a while. I dont think this is fair.. How long are they gonna keep this up? If its for a long time then ill be switching to sprint real quick.

  • Sarah

    Just spent an hour getting the run around with AT&T. This is their plan that’s set in stone. They are not “taking away” the data it’s still there however I’m experiencing an average of 4-5 min to load a simple page… in essence it’s not there. They are passively manipulating us into the three tiered plan. When my speed does increase if I return to the top five percent which will change every month this will happen again…every…month…until my contract is up. I wish i could drop them but I can’t afford it. I don’t think it’s fair they are part of this contract too. They offered ME UNLIMITED data and now they are placing limitations on it. Seriously f&@$?d up!!!!!

  • Mop

    Just got mine nerfed today. Not jailbroken, just use it for Skype a lot. Shaking my head, AT&T.