U.S. Cellular didn’t want to bet on the iPhone

U.S. Cellular doesn’t really seem like a major player in the U.S. cellphone market if you live in an urban area. However, when you travel out to cornfields in the middle of no-where, U.S. Cellular is like AT&T or Verizon. They’re a small carrier that covers nearly every single acre of arable land in the United States, and they supposedly denied the iPhone due to the up-front cost.

Sprint was rumored to pay a few billion dollars to reserve a lot of iPhones, a bet that #3 viewed as a great oppurtunity. So far, it looks like their bet is paying off. The company hit a one-day sales record on October 14 (coincidentally, this was the same day the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 launched on Sprint’s network). However this is one bet #6 had to turn down (sadly).

U.S. Cellular is known to not put all their hope on one platform. The cell company barely sells any name brand phones, let alone smart-phones. The folks at Apple realized this, but they were willing to give US Cellular a shot. Unfortunately the offer required a lot of upfront money, like Sprint’s deal.

In fact, even though it may seem like any carrier would kill to jump on the iPhone bandwagon, US Cellular isn’t the only cell provider to pass on the Apple handset. As great as the iPhone is, it does present some problems due to Apple not permitting branding logos on the front of the device, preventing bloatware from being installed on the device, and the addition of carrier specific features, like visual voicemail. However with the success that Sprint is having with the iPhone, perhaps U.S. Cellular might be willing to reconsider for the iPhone 5 (or 6).

Do you guys think we will see future iPhones becoming spread across a larger number of carriers, or will it be limited to the major players and a couple minor risk-takers?

Via: AppleInsider

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  • Unknown

    T-Mobile should be getting an iPhone. They already limited the data usage to the customers.

    • David

      Limiting data usage has nothing to do with having the iPhone or not, it’s willing to invest in getting it up front so if it doesn’t work out for the carrier Apple is still okay

    • Anonymous

      I’m guessing because of the commotion of the AT&T acquisition of T-Mobile.

  • Anonymous


  • Jack

    Um Us Cellular has the galaxy s (Mesmerize), the merge, 7 pro, hero s (evo design) , torch 9850, electrify (photon), and they have really good coverage and they are having LTE by the end of the year.  Get your facts right. US cellular is a great carrier.

    • Bratty

      So basically the article is right – they have crappy phones. What facts are incorrect?

      • Jack

        The electrify has a dual core processor, a qHD display 8 mp camera. 1080p recording. Ya a real shitty phone.. (sarcasm) 

        • Eddie

          Too bad their network speed is super slow….I live in the middle of uscellular country and most people I know have them my vzw phone on ookla speed test posted a Max speed of 2.6 mbps on they’re dual core photon the fastest I could get was .96 mbps …….they’re data network is garbage ….

          • Jack

            there getting 4G LTE…. I don’t think that’s slow

    • RenegadeStarr

      i have us cellular and theyre stupid as fuck but the service is good theyre ALWAYS getting a bunch of old ass phones from like sprint or tmobile and redesigning them they need to stop being cheap asses

  • Jarrod

    I don’t understand how tmobile didn’t get this device, all they ha to do is add one band into it and they would have access to 5 other carriers in north America with an estimation of 40/50 million people in Canada and the united strayed plus some countries in south America are implementing the 1700 band for 3G

    • Anonymous

      I’m guessing because of the commotion of the AT&T acquisition of T-Mobile.

  • David

    I’m hoping the iPhone ends up on many carriers though I believe it’ll take a while due to the up front money Apple wants

  • Andrew

    Its hard to understand the way you wrote this article, the thing about #3, and #6. I get what u ment, but its not clear when you read it

  • Anonymous