Speed Test: Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4S compared [VID]

Cam does a quick speed test to show the differences between the iPhone 4S and the latest Android powerhouse: Galaxy Nexus. To test he loads similar apps and compares startup times, as well as comparing browser speeds.

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  • You are using a live wallpaper on the Nexus so that kinda biases the results. 

    • Will

      uh… the live wallpaper will actually slow down the phone, so the nexus should be even faster without it

  • Ana

    iphone has better interface and that is all that matters

    • thats preference. doesnt make one better than another. just different. performance wise day to day most people would be happy with either. whether you think the iphone is more aesthetically pleasing is not a valid point in any argument except for when you yourself are choosing a phone. so dont say its “better” just because YOU like it more.

    • Yea, it reminds me of the old Windows NT 3.51 desktop. So nostalgic :-)

  • Anonymous

    You should of done the test on the same wifi network, Speeds will always vary on the carrier, even if they are the same network, also iPhone 4S max is 14.4mbs hspa+ and Galaxy Nexus is 21.1mbs Hspa+

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