Rumor: iPad 3 to sport 3D display – do you want one?

Key word in the title of this article: Rumor. However much people would love to see a 3D display on an iPad, I don’t see it as being very likely. Despite this, one of Business Insider’s sources claims Apple does have plans to introduce a three-dimensional display to the next generation tablet. According to 9to5Mac, the source is most likely getting his wires crossed. Cook&Co are allegedly working on some 3D gestures, to allow users control of their iDevices using hand movements, without touching the screen. There is also and app which uses the front facing camera to fool the user in to seeing 3D.

My opinion of the technology has always been a negative one. Firstly, most 3D technology requires glasses, and since I wear them already for TV watching, movie-going and working already, I’d hate to have to put on another pair on top. Secondly, it hurts my eyes. I’ve only looked at 3D a couple of times, and both times I struggled to see the illusion, instead just seeing some blurred outlines. It made me nauseous. Despite the fact that it’s insanely popular at the moment, I still see it as something of a gimmick. As a film snob, I’d rather see Hollywood spend the money on decent stories for once instead of just trying to wow everyone with special effects, explosions and scantily clad women.

What about you guys? Do you love 3D or could you do without it? Would you want to see it in an Apple product?

Via: 9to5Mac

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  • Anonymous

    being a fan of 3D having a 3D iPad is a most for me if tit comes out, but without 3D I think that I would go with a iPad 2 for cheeper. 

  • Nowaycharlie

    Bad Idea

  • Anonymous

    highly unlikely. 3D displays are still too underdeveloped for Apple to adopt it. Apple tends to use only established stable tech and refining it’s use w their software counterpart.

    I dont get why ppl like to label injecting new tech into the real world a “gimmick”. If you dont put it out there for developers to explore and implement, then it would less likely find foothold in the marketplace and evolve into something useful.. ultimately stimulating further evolution in tech.

    • Zach

      Right you are.

    • Gilgaustus

      Unless Apple revolutionizes 3D, it’s still a no no

  • Aron

    it could work if the 3D effect is caused by split paralax  technology which obviously does not require glasses

  • Tuliom Mesa

    3D is just hype, why you would you want to see images in 3rd dimension while riding a train is beyond me.

  • Brett

    I think it would be pretty cool just make it extra special 3D so its the kind you don’t have to wear glasses it’s natural 3D

  • rumor has it rumor….. ehehehe…..

  • Sivan121496

    I’ve used 3D devices that don’t require glasses and all it does is give me a horrible headache. I would like 3D if you can turn it off and mostly to just show off. But I would never use it.

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

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