iPhone 4S vs. HTC Rezound – specs compared

HTC debuted its newest handset, the Rezound, on Thursday. This device (previously known as the Vigor) first made waves over the summer when it leaked on the web, and since then the hype has been steadily building – and for good reason. The specs for the Rezound are pretty incredible.

Now, seeing as we’re an iPhone site, we here at TiP are always interested in how the competition stacks up against the latest and greatest from Apple. Check it out!

Looking at that list, it’s clear that the Rezound is quite a formidable contender in the smartphone market. In fact, on paper this handset tops the iPhone 4S in just about every category.

I was particularly surprised to see the screen resolution and pixel density – Apple has been the king of pixels-per-inch for quite some time. However, since it’s already impossible to distinguish individual pixels with the naked eye at 326 ppi (Retina display), I’m not sure how much difference the extra 16 pixels-per-inch will make during day-to-day use. That being said, there’s no denying this screen will look absolutely stunning.

What’s more, a combination of Beats-optimized hardware, Beats-optimized software and the Beats in-ear headphones (included) make for great listening experience. The headphones, it turns out, sell for anywhere between $120-$160 on their own so having them bundled with the phone is a great deal.

For those interested, the HTC Rezound launches on November 14th on Verizon in the US. The phone alone will run you $299.99 with a new, two-year contract, but you’ll also need to cough up at least $39.99 for a Verizon Wireless Nationwide Talk plan and a minimum $30-per-month data plan. This is Verizon’s most expensive handset, but with 4G and Beats audio built in, that’s hardly a surprise.

Furthermore, for those wondering, the Rezound will be upgradable to Ice Cream Sandwich. Expect that some time next year.

All in all, this is a pretty great – but quite expensive – new entry into the smartphone market. Are the crazy specs enough to sway you from your iPhone, or are you happy with Apple’s smartphone solution? Let me know in the comments section below or hit me up on twitter!


Via: CNET, Droid Life, TechCrunch

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  • Jeffstreng

    Why can’t AT&T get a great phone like this? I’ve loved HTC since their HERO, but now I’m on AT&T with an iPhone 4, due for upgrade. I want a stellar HTC. Samsung’s UI is subpar to HTC.

  • Gregam52

    I’ve had an iPhone since the 3G, switched briefly to an Android on Verizon, I didn’t care for it it kept freezing and crashing. Went back to the iPhone when the 4 came out. It doesn’t matter what Android comes out or what the specs are I will not give up my iPhone again.

  • Anonymous

    As others have commented elsewhere at different times, it is not just about specs, it’s about the the whole ‘eco system’ (for want of a better phrase) that goes with the iPhone – the ease of use straight out of the box, the integration with other Apple devices + the additional features you can add via the App Store.
    Now, if all you want is to tweak everything all the time then you will probably be better off with an Andoid device – well. except the ones that wont upgrade the OS.

  • Jarrod

    I seriously could care less about a htc phone having better resolution and some trashy beats head phones. I have had three htc phones and am quite annoyed with them, I had the droid eris on verizon I got tired of constantly not having service and then it always crashing or being slow in general and on the internet. Then I had the my touch 4G on tmobile and was happy i got better service every where i go but the issue with that was similar it would crash and lock up and then it suffered the faulty antenna and drop to no service everywhere just holding it the wrong way, so i got that phone replaced and got the my touch 4g slide because that was the only thing they could replace it with and so i have had it about a month almost and right now its okay, the signal still is frantic but not as bad and doesn’t lock up nearly as bad but dislike the cheap feeling of the slider screen. Right now I’m wanting for a friend to get her iPhone 4s so i can get her iPhone and be done with this horrible experience. Everybody says that apple is so over rated but I’m starting to think how reliability and excellent build quality is after i have experienced it on my iPod, mac book pro and iPad 2

    • ijal daud

      Htc is so not for you, you dont have the technical to use an android thats all.Just use iphone, its good for u

  • Qtkidzzz

    Will never go back to HTC or Android! Too many issues to list….had several replacement phones over a years time which led to nothing but more problems! Love my iPhone 4! I love the quality and reliability over all else!!!!

  • Bri

    Android lovers LOVE to talk trash about the iPhone because they want to persuade themselves into thinking it’s better. iOS users don’t trash the Android as much. Why? Because they know they have the better device and really don’t look to bash on other phones. I’ll say this once. They could put in (what looks like) a faster processor but guess what?? The iPhone 4s is still faster!! It just works better. Apps don’t just crash sometimes on droids. They crash ALL the time. It’s almost like they programmed it to. Their phones re set. They go obsolete after about 9 days when the next one comes out. And although the screen may be bigger. I couldn’t fit that thing in my pocket!! When I watch movies I watch them on my T.V. Not my phone. 

    • ijal daud

      Thats because you’re technically dumb.You didn’t try to understand the problem, and i don’t understand why u were using an android but I didn’t blamed you because it’s android marketing fault.They shouldnt have market the phone for normal people

      • http://twitter.com/iMarky_Marc Marc Jarvis

        Shut up troll. If you are going to come to a iPhone based blog and talk crap as if you are superior because you use a android phone (which doubt you have) remember to use spell check. I’m pretty sure your “Technically Advanced” phone has auto correct.

      • Bratty

        The problem with most Android “techies” is that they actually have no clue about technology. A faster processor for you implies a faster phone. A device that crashes constantly is the users fault because the user could just “root and flash”. You accept subpar devices. The last sentence in your reply says it all.

  • Samthemanyz4


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Zombykidz

    I’m a IOS Android Lover !

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    What i want to know is why are they acting like the price of the plan is more if you get the Rezound?  In all actuality the Rezound’s plan is CHEAPER… If youn decide to get insurance it will only cost 6.99 per month but if you want insurance on an Iphone it will be 10.99 per month.

  • Fandroidette

    What Iphone people don’t get about Android (or anything other than Apple for that matter) is that Apple controls you and what you can and cannot do. You can download all the music you want BUT it has to be itunes or else you need to convert any other music that is NOT from itunes to be able to play it on your phone. You can’t hook your iphone up to a PC and transfer files, etc. between the two. You can’t change anything (screens, etc.) on an iphone to suit individual tastes. I find the iphone borrring and like to tinker with my phone and download any mp3s my heart desires. I can buy most android phones with an sd card slot and add memory as needed without paying a huge amount more. I can pop the sd card out of my old phone and pop it in my new one and transfer whatever files I have on it to my new phone. I’ve had the OG Droid for 2 years and the “crashing” issues Apple people love to sing about are minimal and so not a problem that Apple people seem to think it is. And with the newest android phones having access to 4g LTE (which on my hubby’s new phone is unbelievably FAST), why would anyone who is in a 4g LTE area buy a 3g phone? I happen to like watching my home TV via Slingbox on my phone as well as Netflix when I’m in a waiting room or on the train going to work and so yes, I do like watching stuff on the phone and I plan on buying a new Droid (probably the Rezound) with a nice big bright screen. It’s difficult to watch TV and movies on a 3-1/2 in. screen so there is yet another reason for me not to buy an iphone. Then again, I’m a PC user at home and work so really have no use for all things MAC anyway.

  • Xander Crews

    Maybe if you actually did some research and bought a high end Android phone instead of the low end Eris, MyTouch or Slide, you’d have had a better experience.
    One of the many great things about Android is the vast number of phones to choose from.  If you buy a cheap Android phone, don’t expect high end performance.
    You bought a Kia and expected to get a BMW.
    You’re not smart enough to own an Android device.  The iPhone is right up your alley.  Locked down, not customizable, letting Apple tell you what your phone should look like and how it should act, overly simple and boring phone that now has a very outdated look.
    No smartphone is without issues though…even iPhones.  How ’bout that massive antenna issue for example?
    Siri?  Are you joking?  You mean the personal assistant that nobody uses, and when people do use it, it just doesn’t work like you want it to?  Yeah, sounds great.
    I’ve been a very happy Android user since the first Android phone, the G1.  Love the flexibility and customization of the Android OS.  You can do sooooo much more on Android than you can on an iPhone.  That’s just a fact.
    For the past three years or so, if you were to go out and buy the best overall smartphone on the planet, you’d be buying an Android every single time.
    Apple’s new features they roll out with great hoopla every time there is a new iPhone, have already been out on Android phones for some time.  Welcome to last year Apple…every time.
    Apple was the industry leader four years ago, but now they are playing catchup and falling farther and farther behind every quarter.  It happened in the personal computer arena, and the same thing is happening in the smartphone arena.
    Apple makes a nice phone, but that’s about all it is…a nice phone.  If you want the best, the iPhone isn’t it.  There are always a handful of better phones out there.  Always.

  • Xander Crews

    Sounds like user error to me.  I’ve had a couple different Android phones over the past four years…never had a big problem…never had to take one back.  I just ordered the Rezound….$79.  Beat that Apple.
    With great power, comes great responsibility.  You sir, are not responsible enough, or smart enough, to harness the power of Android.
    Imagine if Carrot Top was blessed with the power of “the force”….that is probably what it was like for you when you went Android.  Too dumb to understand how to use it properly.
    Stick with the iPhone.  They dumb it down and lock it down so simple folks can handle it.

  • Xander Crews

    Crashes constantly?
    Hmmm…I’ve never had that issue with any of my Android phones over the years.  But then again, I know what I am doing…and I choose to buy higher end Android phones.   Those “constantly crashing” cases must have been iPhone users who tried out Android and couldn’t figure anything out and ended up messing up their phone.  Sounds about right.

  • Xander Crews

    “It doesn’t matter what Android comes out or what the specs are I will not give up my iPhone”
    Typical, irrational, ignorant fanboy comment.
    Have fun living in a 2nd class smartphone world and using your locked down, boring, antenna plagued, big-brother-watching-app-store, non-customizable, outdated looking, iPhone.