In iOS 5 untethered jailbreak absence, scammers “fake” one

We’re all waiting, and longing for the untethered jailbreak for iOS 5. Currently we have both the tethered and semi-tethered options available to us, providing that we don’t have a dual-core powered iOS device. Unfortunately that means iPhone 4S and iPad 2 units running Apple’s latest operating system are not jailbreakable.

For those unaware, a tethered jailbreak is one which requires the user to plug their iPhone in to their Mac/PC every time they reboot the device. It can get pretty frustrating and can leave you in an awkward position if your phone loses all its battery juice while away from home. A semi-tethered jailbreak is similar. You still need to hook it up to your computer to gain full functionality after a reboot, but it retains some important features like calling and texting. Untethered, as you’ve probably guessed by now, is one which doesn’t require plugging in after being switched off and back on again. The jailbreak “sticks”.

Since iOS 5 isn’t jailbreakable via the untethered option, one site has been taking advantage and is claiming to have this solution. is selling the “untethered jailbreak” for $25, but you should be warned: it’s a fake, and is not worth you putting down twenty five bucks of your hard-earned cash. Previously, another site,, also sold a jailbreak called “FastRa1n 0.5”. Although we don’t condone jailbreaking, and always serve advice with a strong side of caution, if you are going to jailbreak your iDevice, do it properly. Don’t be roped in by these $25 schemes, be patient and wait for the iPhone Dev-Team to come up with a hack. At least then, you’ll be confident that it should work.

Remember, if you do decide to jailbreak, it could void your warranty – something to think about before attempting it. How many of you are planning to jailbreak your iPhone 4S?

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  • i don’t mean to be a troll, because you probably got the picture from somewhere else, but that reflection fails. just saying.

    • Cam Bunton

      Yeah, I spotted that. 

  • Andrew

    Lol reflection nice Payton :) , I plan to buy an iphone 4s this or next week, and yes I plan to jailbreak it. Android fans says iphones cant be customized, of course, if you dont jailbreak it. 

    • Andrew


  • Why would you not condone jailbreaking? It was made legal in a court of law to jailbreak.

    • prolly cuz it still voids your warranty 

    • Cam Bunton

      Because jail breaking – in the wrong hands – can cause devices to crash, slow down, or worse: brick. We can’t be seen to encourage the practice in case anyone comes back to blame us for encouraging them to do it. We live in a culture where people will try and sue anyone for anything, so, we have to be extra careful when writing about this stuff. And yes, it voids your warranty. 

  • Davis33095

    i dont know i bricked my ipod touch with dreamboard and apple pretty much gave me a one time replacement so i am going to say no i mean the ios 5 has almost everything i need right now.  i will probably get tired of the user interface and want to jailbreak but in my opinion my warranty is way more important seeing i am around a pool 24/7.  Please check out my youtube channel. thanks so much.  If i want to customize my phone i will probably go off and buy a droid razr or an amaze 4g but right now i am sticking to my iphone and trusty blackberry :)

  • Anonymous

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