iCloud is down, back up again, then down again

A few minutes ago, when refreshing my emails on my Mac’s Mail app, my iCloud account kept popping up asking for my password. I entered it a few times, each time the error came back up. So, instead I went over the to the cloud’s web presence at iCloud.com and attempted to log in. The image above shows the message I received via the infamously irritating blue popup alert. It appears, for a good ten minutes, that the cloud service disappeared. We don’t know any specifics as to why, but we’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything. It temporarily resumed normal service for me, before again going MIA.

Let me know if you experienced the same thing, or if you still can’t log on. Comment below or hit me up on twitter: @TiP_Cam


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  • Anonymous

    Yup, same thing over here

  • anonymous

    It’s not working for me either.

  • I am not having any problems.. It is working fine for me!

  • Anonymous


  • aview2akill

    the use of icloud for me at present is down also……

  • aview2akill

    and i’m slowly losing my mind!