Hacker shows how he got malware in to the App Store

Earlier this week, Charlie Miller was booted off the app developer program for exploiting a security flaw in iOS. He published an app, which on face value, was a piece of software for keeping up to date with the stock market. Instastock wasn’t an innocent app though, it contained a hidden ability. Miller controlled the app once it was installed and could  do virtually anything he wanted with the phone. Remotely, through his home PC, he could access address books or make your phone vibrate. In the video below he demonstrates how it works.


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  • whos to say he wasn’t the first to know of this… How many apps have been approved by Apple and are as you read this Uploading user Data to some darkroom? He came out publicly and so he got attention. I can make an app and do the same except stay un noticed.

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