C Spire iPhone 4S available from November 11

The iPhone 4S was the first to be available on three carriers in the States, now it’s adding a fourth. C Spire, one of America’s MVNOs will be offering the newest Apple handset from November 11th. The upfront prices will be the same as on other carriers – $199, $299 and $399 for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB respectively. The plans should offer you something to think about though – if you’re in an area covered by C Spire’s CDMA network.

There are four plans available, imaginatively named. Something worth noting: Plan 1 and Plan 2 may state that they have unlimited data, but you are restricted to 30 minutes of video streaming per month. So, if you’re a mobile YouTube fanatic, you’re probably best averting your gaze, and focussing instead on the 3rd and 4th plan options.

Via: Business Wire

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  • Tor Tor

    Does it matter where you live, can I buy this phone in the  Tampa Bay area?

    • cyberwaste

      No they only cover MS and small parts of AL, TN and the panhandle of FL


    Does it matter where you live to order this phone and service from C-Spire? I live in Tampa, FL and really would rather have C-Spire over AT&T.

  • Paul

    …and T-Mobile still doesn’t have an iPhone. Who’s next, US Cellular?

    • Anonymous

      Us cellular is a big mobile phone company.

      • Max

        i think he meant cuz tmobile is one of the biggest

        • Paul

          yeah, it’s just surprising that a regional carrier is getting the iPhone before the last of the big four. And I guess US Cellular turned down the iPhone, so there goes that one.