Apple preparing for iPad 3 production, cutting down on iPad 2 shipments

Usually, before a big Apple launch, there are a few telling symbols that something is on its way. Normally the clues are found in the manufacturing chain. Good signs often are: next gen parts being found in production, and the current generation being slowed down. Currently, iPad displays are manufactured by a few different companies, LG, Samsung and CMI. In total, between all three companies, Apple has dropped its orders for displays by over 800,000 units.

Rumor has it that Samsung and Sharp are already shipping iPad 3 displays to Apple, ready for the next tablet launch. No mention of LG, but that’s hardly surprising considering the company struggled to keep up with Apple’s demand for productivity and quality.

“While Apple is adjusting panel inventory for iPad 2, Samsung and Sharp already began shipping panels for the next-generation iPads to Apple in October, and Taiwan-based touch panel makers TPK Holding and Wintek will begin to ship touch panels for the new iPads to the supply chain in November-December, the sources noted.”

There’s no mention of any resolution differences between the current display and the new one. However, we’re all hoping the next iPad will come relatively close to matching the Retina display on the iPhone 4 and 4S.

What changes would you like to see in the next iPad? I, for one, see no purpose in having a rear camera, so removing that would be a start.

Via: DigiTimes

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  • Christopher Scott

    I would just like to address your last sentence. My daughter is developmentally delayed and visually impaired. My wife and I are looking into using something like an iPad for therapy and to assist in communication. While looking into what apps and options there are for her I ran across a blog by someone who is very visually impaired and had intended to use the camera on his iPad 2 to magnify text throughout his daily travels so he could read them on the tablet screen. Unfortunately, the iPad 2’s rear camera pretty much sucks so it didn’t work out for him and he has to us the iPhone 4 even though the screen is so much smaller.
    I can see why most people might not need a camera, but there are people out there that can make use of it just to get by. Maybe I’m just more sensitive to these things because of my daughter, just thought I might let you know that even if you see no purpose in it, there are others that find it vital.


  • Tomjera1

    Rear camera functions as a scanner for documents. Use it every day in my real estate practice.

  • Star_steve03

    Facetime HD ;p & retina display of course

  • Guest

    Just because you don’t like the rear camera doesn’t mean they should get rid of it, you are ridiculous!

  • this iPad 3 should have Full touch version of Mac OS X

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous