Apple finally takes a loss in court against Spanish tablet maker

When it comes to lawsuits, Apple is king. The company is currently engaged in an absurd number of legal cases with various technology companies across the globe. For the most part, Cook&Co. fare pretty well, but they aren’t invincible.

Spanish technology company NT-K, creator of the NT-K Android tablet (creative name…), came under fire from the big A when the tech giant accused NT-K of copying the iPad. Apple filed a claim against the company just a year ago and managed to get the company’s shipments from China seized as well as have its name temporarily placed on an EU-wide list of product pirates.

Fortunately for NT-K, however, was successful in defending its products and managed to have the complaints against it dismissed! It has now launched a counter-attack, filing an antitrust complaint against Apple, as well as a lawsuit with the hope of compensation for monetary damages, lost profits and “moral damages.” According to NT-K’s official statement (translated from Spanish by 9to5 Mac):

“We are a small company like many others in these times of crisis we are trying to get ahead, and it seems grossly unfair that a company the calibre of Apple has to use its dominant influence.”

Personally, I think this is great. If Apple sues every company that puts out a touch-based tablet with a minimalist design and wins, the tablet market will be a very very boring place. It’s awesome to see a little company stick up for themselves and have it pay off. Maybe Samsung should take a couple pointers from the legal team at NT-K…

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  • colin

    Well they invented the tablet

    • Hotsauce369

      -_- … Apple didn’t invent the tablet. As a matter of fact, tablets have been around for 9+ years …with a full OS too.

      Neither iPads nor Android tablets really qualify as a tablet in my opinion. They are too watered down to be considered anywhere near close to a “real” OS although they are way better for average users who only need basic web browsing and stuff like that.

    • Liqwidzero

      Wrong. Microsoft and their third party manufacturers made created first tablets in 2001.

  • Irvin

    They didn’t invent the tablet archos had one way before apple came along or at least a year before

  • Zholemaster

    Someone invented a car too. But he does not sue every car manufacturer…..

    • JewDogg

      thats because it was never patented, the original design was so different to anything that came after anyway that it never would have held up in court, its like comparing an ipod to a cassette player. Besides I’m sure that Mercedes have better things to do than make up lies about people ripping off their designs :D

  • Good, competition. :D 

  • Apple is a great company, but they can’t pretend that they’ll hold a monopoly over these products.

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous