Verizon sold 2 million iPhones last quarter

Verizon recently published its quarter results for Q3 of 2011, and the carrier sold an astonishing 2 million iPhone 4 handsets. In total “Big Red” sold 5.6 million smartphones, 36% were 4th generation iPhones. Compared to AT&T’s 2.7 million that may not seem a lot, especially considering VZW’s place as the US’ number 1 carrier. There are, however, a couple of important points to consider.

Firstly, Verizon has only been selling the iPhone since January of this year. So, to go from a place of not selling any, to selling 2 million in a quarter is pretty good going. Also consider that AT&T still sells the 3GS at $49 on contract. This handset – until last month – was the second most popular handset on AT&T. Verizon is yet to inform anyone how many 4S units it sold over the first weekend of sales. Perhaps the figure is some way off AT&T’s 1 million in 5 days.

Via: Apple Insider

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