Sprint iPhone 5 shows up on Radio Shack inventory (Verizon and AT&T too)

What a perfect end to a leaky week. We’ve had a lot of new rumors spilled as we all anticipate what Apple may or may not launch during next Tuesday’s iPhone event. One thing we’re definitely not getting is a T-mobile iPhone 5, that much has been established by one of the carrier’s chiefs. One thing we are hoping for, however, is a Sprint iPhone and by the looks of it, we could well see it. The image was sent to 9to5Mac by a new source. The listing shows the iPhone 5 being available on 3 out of the 4 major US carriers. Do you want a Sprint iPhone? The unlimited plans must be tempting with the other 2 carriers offering tiered data, and carrying a throttling threat.

Via: 9to5Mac


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  • Kwayy

    Noooooo!!!!! it should have stayed with AT&T! Verizon and Sprint dont need it!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      AT&T don’t need it.

    • AT&T Ruined it

    • Anonymous

      Maybe if at&t had a network that could handle it it would have stuck with them. But at&t runied it and their shitty network couldnt handle it.

    • Anonymous

      you suck…

    • Anonymous

      you suck…

  • Kmt121677

    I’m curious about the prices shown. $50? How sure are we this is legit?

    • I dont think they are focusing on the prices yet. No one knows what itll cost….

      • Most likely that’s the preorder price

  • Metalimatt

    I’m calling BS on that screen shot. Dan Hesse is a little bitch.

    • Anonymous

      I agree that he is, but in some ways, that makes it more likely that this rumor is true. After all, what better way to show off his nature than to bend over for Apple and screw over his long-time customers in the process?

  • maybe the 50 dollars is a pre-order price?

    • Anonymous

      Probably just a place holder.

  • maybe the 50 dollars is a pre-order price?

  • JRJ

    iPhone”5″ is a placeholder for the iPhone 4S. T-Mobile wouldnt be listed anyway, as Radio Shack no longer sells T-Mobile phones. 

  • Quebec

    WTF? Everyone says Verizon doesn’t have unlimited plans. I bought and iPhone 4 with them last year in December and I get unlimited everything for $109.99.

    • someguy

      funny because the iPhone 4 wasn’t out on verizon last year..

  • Agfamous200

    All I gotta say is your done T-Mobile if you don’t drop the iPhone

    • soren5423

      There was no iPhone for T-Mobile to drop in the first place…-__-

  • someguy

    notice how none say 64gb?

  • U-dont-know-me

    Yeah bitches its free!!!!!!

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  • The more carriers, the merrier! :) Go iPhone!

  • Yup

    I work at radioshack and i typed the SKUs in our computer and they actually popped up

  • A brand new source of 9 to 5mac reported that AT&T Apple iPhone 5, Verizon iPhone 5, and Sprint iPhone 5 appears on Radioshack’s internal inventory system. iPhone 5 for these carriers show-up in a search result of radioshack’s internal inventory system, which unsurprisingly could be leaked.