iPhone 4S vs. iPhone 4 (GSM and CDMA) side-by-side comparison pics

Today’s number 1 source of iPhone 4S leaks is [drum roll here]” AppVV.com. The site which leaked a video showing the device’s benchmark figures and Siri settings has taken a few snapshots to compare it with both the current CDMA and GSM handsets. Outwardly they’re all very similar to look at, but there are some subtle differences.

You’ll notice that the “gaps” in the antenna on the new 4S are the same as the Verizon iPhone. Instead of having one gap on the left side’s antenna, it has two: one above the mute switch, and the other above the bottom corner.

On the right hand side of the device you’ll notice the gaps again are the same as the Verizon iPhone – on top and bottom. The only difference is that it has a SIM card tray. We’re hoping that this new design eliminates “death grip” issues – especially when coupled with Apple’s new dual-antenna technology.

Via: MacRumors

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  • http://www.facebook.com/sri57 Srikanth Akella

    If there is an antenna issue again, I jump ship to Galaxy S2 and also save a 100 bucks :D

  • Nope

    It’s not new dual-antenna technology, they copied Samsung’s patent

    • Kal8111

      Its funny the fandroids says iphone copy all those things from android. Forget who invented pinch to zoom n so many stuff

  • Calistamay

    Finally some Verizon iPhone love! Case makers have put out some basic universal cases, but most of the cases I want are only for the AT&T version. Now I can be assured that any case marketed as “For iPhone 4S” will fit my Verizon iPhone 4 :)

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