iPhone 4S battery issues? Apple not even “close to finding a fix”

Although the iPhone 4S was touted as having the best battery yet on an Apple smartphone, the reality has been very different. Most of us would agree that battery life isn’t quite as good as the iPhone 4’s. A few users have complained of having extremely low battery performance. One customer in particular spoke of his iPhone losing 10% of standby every hour. The same user tried shutting off Siri, closing any apps, shutting down location services, and even without being used, the phone would still lose its battery life incredibly quickly.

“I then got a call from a senior [Apple] engineer who said he had read my post and was ‘reaching out’ to users for data and admitted this was an issue (and that they aren’t close to finding a fix!) and asked lots of questions about my usage and then asked if he could install the file below and that he would call back the day after to retrieve the info. I extracted the file from my Mac after a sync and emailed it to him. He was incredibly helpful and apologetic in the typical Apple way!”

So, apparently this is a problem, a fairly serious one too. Not sure it’ll be serious enough to be dubbed “batterygate”, we’ll have to see on that one. One positive we can take from it is that Apple is looking in to it, and that with the diagnostic software running on people’s devices, a solution should be found. (Hopefully sooner rather than later.)

Are you experiencing really poor standby time? Mine’s not fantastic, but it’s not as poor as what this customer has experienced. Let me know: @TiP_Cam

Via: The Guardian

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  • Alex Martinez

    In my opinion, my 4S’s battery life has been fine.  The 4S is my first iPhone, so I’m not sure how it compares to the 4, but I haven’t been disappointed thus far.

    • Cam Bunton

      According to users/official published battery life, it’s fine when you’re using it. But, in standby it’s nowhere near as efficient as the iPhone 4. Even I’ve noticed if I leave both switch on, in standby/Airplane mode all night, the 4S battery loses at least 10% more juice than its predecessor. It’s no big deal for me, but this use in question is getting really poor results. 

      • Agee

        This is my experience as well. When the phone is actually being used, the battery life is on par with what I got on my iPhone 4 (maybe slightly worse but that’s to be expected with the dual core chip). However, my standby battery life is not good at all. I drain battery at 2-3% an hour while in standby. My old iPhone 4 would drain at a rate of about 0.5% per hour. If you extrapolate the standby drain with the 4S, it suggests that even if you didn’t use the phone at all over a typical 16 hour day, you would still lose 32-48% of your battery by the end of the day (contrast that with a roughly 8% drop with the iPhone 4). There is something really wrong with the way the 4S is managing its power while in standby mode.  Apple really needs to fix it ASAP.

  • Itsonlydavem

    my 4s battery life is perfectly fine and i use it constantly, with it being my first iPhone and anyone who gets a new phone use it more than anything the first 2 weeks of use..

  • I had battery life issues on my 4 after updating to iOS5, and they were resolved by a “restore factory settings”. Doubtful that it would affect 4S the same way, but if I was having crappy battery life on a 4S I’d at least give that a try.

  • Cezar Ghiroltean

    Not sure how it relates but ever since I updated to iOS5, my battery life has been cut in half. I get home with barely 10% battery left when before I would have at least 70%.

  • Robidoux Alcide

    I have had an Apple smartphone before and I always had issues with the battery. That’s one of the reasons I switched to an Android device. Better management of apps and stuff.

    • Landmarkcm

      Youv’e got to be joking right. Ive had several androids (im a newbie w my Sprint 4S) & apples battery is much better still.

      • Mark

        Which Android phones have you had? I have the Mytouch 4g with full services running on an upgraded 1500 mah battery ($40) and I pull it off the charger use it all day and charge it when I get home I have more than enough power for a few more hours and on those days I have really heavy usage I can just pop in a freshly charged battery if I am going out at night.

      • amilhazes007

        i have an evo 3d and a 4s and my evo3d got 18 days standby time. swear to god. i have a screen shot to prove it. heavy usage like netflix streaming and 3d games i would get atleast 15 hours, just emails and texts and pic a solid 2 days. it is not android it is how pople use it, or dont know how to use it..

  • I hope they will sold this problem till November….

  • *SOLVE

  • dennis

    I’m coming from the iPhone 4 and I’ve noticed decreased battery life. sometimes its very minimal and then other times at full charge, battery charge drops 4-5% in a blink of an eye.

  • Pussy

    Now the battery performs like an android device..

    • Ronkjunk

      Samsung should take them to court  LOL

    • Songohan410

      No its not by any means. I had a MyTouch 4G and a Sensation 4G and if I did not charge them every night, I would have a dead battery in the morning. With my 4GS, I cans start my day at 6am and make it a full 24 hours and be at around 26-32%. Condition your battery!

  • Jflaco33

    I have to carry my charger every where I go cuz the battery sucks not like the iPhone 4 I could go a whole day with out having to charge my iPhone 4 totally different story to the 4s

  • Techno Skater

    Yep pretty bad battery life on my 4s. I thought it was normal at first but now it just seems peculiar. And I don’t do anything extremely battery draining. Something needs to be done.

  • So as it was with the last Iphone, The answer was, “Don’t hold it that way”, So the answer for having a DECENT battery life, and the “FIX” will be, Turn It Off!!!!! Everytime i consider going back to apple, they FAIL!!! better off where i am.

  • Mark

    Battery life sucks now that I upgraded to iOS 5 on my iPad. Apps and the browser crashes way more often now too. I couldn’t start my world war app 4 times in a row it would just go black for a few seconds and kick me back to the home screen. Finally just restarted the iPad to get it to work. I find myself having to restart my iPad way more than my android phone now. Wish I could downgrade.

  • Eroc369

    I had the iPhone 4 and I have the 4s now and the battery is great. I charged all the way and drained all the way 3 times and it’s fine. I did notice though Siri uses more power but that’s it

  • Jcc2smart4u

    I also have noticed about a 2 hour difference in data time and standby time seems to be a bit shorter i have noticed i’m getting longer talk time though (weird) but yeah i’ve really noticed a difference in the change since i received my iphone4s.

  • Kieran

    my iPhone 4 also has shockingly bad battery have to fully charge it twice a day :(

  • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous

    At 11pm Saturday night, my iPad had 98% battery life. At 2pm, the next day when I picked it up to use it, noticed that it was off. Battey had gone dead. I never had this issue with IOS 4….Anyone knows how to go back to 4?

  • Techdaniiels

    Yo guys the vlingo app turns your iphone 4 into a 4s in terms of battery usage. Dont believe me?! Download it onto your iphone 4 and watch the battery drop faster than average while on standby after using the app. And check the about>battery usage for a better understanding as to what i mean.

  • Anonymous