iOS 5 bugs that need to be squashed

iOS 5 has been out for a weekend and it’s been one of the most successful product launches ever. In fact, one UK network said it had the largest traffic spike in its history when Apple released the ‘evolutionary’ (rather than revolutionary) OS. Though the software is great and went through 8 beta stages, the software still contains some bugs that need to be squashed in order to make a truly seamless and enjoyable experience for normal and power users alike.

1. Split Screen Keyboard in iMessage
This bug is particularly annoying, especially when I’m trying to respond to reader messages whilst thumb-typing on my iPad. Below is a screenshot of the error. I find that messages within iMessage hide behind the split screen keyboard and are almost impossible to read. This only happens in the split screen version of the keyboard.

2. No way to hide Newsstand
I know how many people love to read news on their iPhone, and people already know how to put Newsstand in a folder, but there should be a way to disable the feature. Unlike the App Store and iTunes, I doubt that everyone wants digital publications on their iDevices. So, why disable the ability to get rid of it? There’s no on-off switch for Newsstand. There should be one. There’s a image below of Newsstand in a folder.

3. No 3G On/Off toggle on iPhone 4S
Whether you call this one a bug, an accident or whether it was done on purpose, it isn’t fair. Until now, there’s always been a toggle for 3G in Settings since the iPhone 3G. But a new ‘feature’ of the iPhone 4S is no 3G toggle switch. It’s the weirdest thing. It is in the Settings app on the iPhone 4, but not on the 4S. Apple – even though you lengthened the battery time, that doesn’t mean power-users don’t want to get the most out of their battery. On the left is a screenshot taken on the iPhone 4, on the right is a 4S. I often switch off my 3G to ensure my phone fuel lasts a little longer, with the 4S I don’t have that luxury.

Other Bugs
People are also saying that the iPhone 4S is experiencing poor battery life. I for one am not experiencing this, however it might be due to people not fully charging (or discharging) their battery when they got it. This usually helps out the battery life-span on any product.  I’ve also experienced one where I had to reset my network settings in order for Siri to work properly. Siri said it was unable to connect to Apple’s servers. So I reset the settings and Siri worked like a charm. Others still are reporting that Google Voice was pulled from the App Store, because of incompatibility with iOS 5 (it kept crashing on the login screen).

Other than those few bugs, iOS 5 is pretty solid.  It looks great, runs great, and has awesome new features that are useful for every iDevice owner. Are you experiencing any bugs in the new OS? Share them with us in the comments or by tweeting @jakezarobsky.

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  • Ashikawa98

    In my music app, there is no loop and shuffle button, and no audio scrubbing slider!!!! How to solve this??? I hard resetted my iPhone but still no luck. On ios 5

  • Ben J

    Not a major bug:
    What about when you listen to audiobooks and instead of a black background at the top of the screen (where it shows the time and such) it had a gray-white background.

  • Ezeregnasco

    I have some more problems with my iPhone 4 running iOS 5. The camera app sometimes closes down. When using the phone app, contacts, favorites an the pad get still, the phone does not work.

  • Ken

    While In iMessage (mostly what i use) my phone gets into a mode where a reply from the person I am texting with does not show up on screen, rather show “messages 1” at the top of the screen, this is while the iMessage screen is open for the person i am texting with, but there reply show up as “Message 1” like it is somone new texting me. To view the new iMessage text I have to go back one level and select the person I was already texting with in order to view their new text message? I assume this is some sort of bug! 

  • Escarraga

    My iphone 4S stops playing music as soon as I click on Safari :(. Anybody have a way to fix it?

  • Yond

    A few days ago my iPhone 4 stopped recognizing the SIM card. A message just pops-up saying there is no SIM card inside the phone. This is solved, temporarily, if I turn off the iPhone and then turn it on again, but after one or two minutes it says it can’t recognize it again. This is a bit problematic since I need to use my phone a lot and it’s not wise to just turning on/off the iPhone every 2 minute!

  • Verthib

    I have an iPhone 4 with iOS 5 and after I did the update my battery life went down the toilet.

  • Rossish

    App icons randomly disappear from the home screen. This apparently is an old bug, but I first experienced w/ OS5

  • Eric Rodriguez

    I found a bug when trying to send multiple pics in a text message. Select a pic in camera roll. Attempt to send it, using message. Then attempt to send another pic. I tried to choose an existing but nothing happens. I’m not allowed t select another pic. On my iPhone 3G phone I was able to send multiple pics.

  • Yond

    About a week after I installed iOS 5 on my iPhone 4 it stopped recognizing the SIM card. It just says there’s not SIM card inside the phone although no-one removed it! I don’t know if there’s any way to fix this as for now, but it would be usefull to know if I’m not the only one, or if Apple already knows this so that they can fix it in future updates!

  • Runmaster

    I cant leave user reviews on the app store since upgrading and I can no longer re-download an app that was previously purchased. And how the heck did they get news stand into a folder ???
    News stand refuses to do this for me.

  • Paul

    Since I like to watch a lot of videos, the notification center gets really annoying! Is there a way to disable it!?
    When I’m scrubbing through a video, the phone thinks I’m trying to swipe down the notification center! This is so annoying!!
    I have to swipe 5 times for it to lock on the video scrubber

  • Mark_skept

    how come when i take a picture its saved in camera roll, but it doesn’t determine the location anymore?
    although the location service for camera is switched on.
    i love to determine the place it was shot 

  • ClydeSantos

    i have the same problem as yours.. did you fix it?