How to: Hide the Newsstand icon in a folder

For those that don’t know, Newsstand is an iOS 5-exculsive application that basically acts as a hub for any sort of digital magazine or newspaper you subscribe to on an iDevice. It’s actually pretty cool – once you’re subscribed to something, the newest issue will automatically download and sit in the Newsstand icon (which acts as a folder) and wait to be read.

Many people are very excited about Newsstand, but there is still a large portion of people that could do without it. Personally, I think this app is great. On my iPad. I can’t see myself doing too much magazine/newspaper reading on my iPhone’s 3.5 inch screen. As beautiful and retinized as it is, it’s simply too small to provide an enjoyable long-term reading experience.

Now, that large portion of people who aren’t too keen on Newsstand were disappointed, I’m sure, to learn that technically it’s impossible to place the app in a folder. Since Newsstand is a sort of folder itself, it simply won’t stand to be put in another one. This means, even if you never ever use Newsstand, you’re stuck with it on your home screen.

But wait! It seems there might be some hope afterall!

It appears there’s a glitch that allows you to put Newsstand in a folder, if you’re fast enough, that is. According to The Coding Massacre:

  • Take two apps and go to create a folder
  • The second the apps are in the folder and it’s doing the folder creation animation, drag Newsstand into the folder
  • As long as you’re quick enough Newsstand will go into the folder!

Keep in mind that Newsstand doesn’t work while in a folder (it’ll crash your springboard), so if you want to use it you’ll have to take it out.

I’ve tested this out and it definitely works. Remember that it has to be two apps that are not already in a folder. For a while I was trying to drag an app into an existing folder, then toss the Newsstand in there as well and that didn’t work.

I know this is a pretty minor thing but as I’ve said before, it’s the little things that you notice on a day-to-day basis and can make or break your experience with a device.

Let me know how this works for you in the comments below or on twitter!


Via: The Coding Massacre

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  • Anonymous

    Restarted my iPad, didn’t work at all. Could you post a video of a how to so that I understand because I’m a little fuzzy on the hole 2 new apps concept.

  • It worked, but you cant click it or it restarts your device.

  • Daniel Airozo

    worked for me. thanks

  • Domiluv318

    Worked for me!! XD Took 2 tries!! It was so annoyin!!!

  • It works. It also works with other folders. Im going to make a useless folder of folders of folders of folders

  • Anonymous


    it worked!!