Error 3200: iOS 5 demand hinders updates

There’s nothing like an Apple product or service launch to slow servers, and kill off the internet. Fortunately, the internet remained fine, but, Apple’s servers struggled to cope with demand for the new version of iPhone software released yesterday. Countless iDevice users encountered errors updating the operating system, being greeted with “Error 3200”.

Timing of the error couldn’t be worse either. For many an error halting the update showed up when trying to re-authenticate the device on Apple’s server. Not being able to authorize devices has left many with “bricked” devices. If you’re not one of those, be grateful. Other errors included “3004”, when iTunes couldn’t connect to the update server.

iOS device users weren’t the only ones struggling with new services yesterday. With countless MobileMe subscribers attempting to switch over to iCloud, Apple’s servers again struggle with demand, leaving many unable to switch.

Thankfully, by today demand has greatly reduced and any attempt to update to iOS 5 or switch from MobileMe to iCloud should go through without a problem. If you experience any more issues let us know in the comments section or tweet me: @TiP_Cam


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  • Anonymous

    I got the unknown restore error 3200 too, but it didn’t brick my device, it took me a while to read through the forums before I figured out it was a network error, after trying about 7 times it finally worked.

  • Nikali3990

    So glad i got mine updated first minute it posted.

    • Chris

      Yeah me too!  Mine went through without a hitch.

    • Chris

      Yeah me too!  Mine went through without a hitch.

    • Mitch Ford1

      same :)

  • They should prepare for 100% more traffic then they think they will need.

    • Anonymous

      they always do, and still get raped by traffic.

  • Tyler Gendron

    I was able to update my OS, But I have some issues with it. Certain things are not right like my camera button is gone on the lock screen and the enhanced photo editing is not available also. Im going to try restoring and updating again. 

    • Musicid93

      To bring up camera in lock screen, double tap the home button.. To edit pictures you have to be in the “photos” app not camera..nd press ‘edit’ and it’ll bring up options

  • Joshua

    The only problem I had was the initial backup before the install failed twice. Third time was the charm though. This was around 2pm EST.

  • Tommybarriere

    My iPhone got bricked! So I kept on trying because I needed my phone and it finally worked.

  • ctueddie

    Can anyone tell me what error 3194 means? I get that error whenever trying to update my iPhone 4 to iOS 5.

    • Vicrenee

      Mine too. And it seems to say it has to do with a Jailbroken phone.. and mine is not. Trying to figure this out as well

  • Nick Ch

    That’s why iPhone 4s comes out 2 days later.

  • Venmm

    I’m so lucky I had no problems

  • Mejcar92

    I got the same thing. It wouldnt even let me down load it. I waited until 8pm and I had to have super faster Internet to do it too.

  • Ahujamoh

    i got error -9808, have tried 6 times till now, :'(…….no result,

  • WOLF

    I had ios gold master. How do i update to the general release?

  • Ossie1997

    Software upgrade only from iPhone 4. I keep getting error 9 unable to restore phone. Anyone having this issue?