Ask Siri anything – [Liveblog]

Siri brings a new functionality to our iPhones – sadly it’s only available to those with the 4S. With this new functionality comes the opportunity for some laughs. So, we’re launching this liveblog today to post some questions and responses from you to Siri. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a question, you can make comments or statements like “I like you” or “You look like my cousin.” Ask or say anything. The sky’s the limit, just try and keep it clean-ish.

To get your question/comment on here you can:

1. Tweet me, @TiP_Cam, with your question and the #AskSiri hashtag.
2. If you have the iPhone 4S, ask Siri yourself and tweet me the screenshot showing the answer, again with the #AskSiri hashtag.
3. Head over to the post on Facebook (link here), and leave your comments there.

Lastly, bookmark this page and keep checking back for funny updates.

[This page doesn’t auto-update, so you will need to hit the refresh button every few minutes.]


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  • michael

    find best restaurant in toronto 

  • Jonathan

    siri are you male or female?

    • Shaman Kidd

      i tried that one, it says it was not assigned a gender.

  • Jonathan

    siri are you male or female?

  • Rehan Ahmed

    Tell her to shutup and see what she replies!

  • Nick Pawly

    Haha this is Halirious! I wish I could get it on my 3GS, I would just do this all day! :)

  • Alexander25368

    Will you take over the human race?

  • Unknown

    Say do you know Steve Jobs?

  • Sjsjsjsjs

    Does anyone remember smarterchild on aol?

  • Anonymous

  • David

    Who did let the dogs out?

  • Why did the chicken cross the road

  • Oh “Who is your dad”

  • Anonymous

  • William

    Do You Know Justin Bieber?