Ask Siri anything – [Liveblog]

Siri brings a new functionality to our iPhones – sadly it’s only available to those with the 4S. With this new functionality comes the opportunity for some laughs. So, we’re launching this liveblog today to post some questions and responses from you to Siri. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a question, you can make comments or statements like “I like you” or “You look like my cousin.” Ask or say anything. The sky’s the limit, just try and keep it clean-ish.

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2:25:00 PM:
2:24:26 PM:

Thanks for stopping by.

2:24:15 PM:

Awesome. We’re all done here. Stay tuned for more reaction.

2:23:43 PM:

“2012: There’s a lot to look forward to.”

2:22:43 PM:

“New iPad” commercial.

2:22:01 PM:
Screen Shot 2012-03-07 at 2.21.48 PM
2:21:58 PM:

“The amazing new iPad. A new affordable price for the amazing iPad 2. Amazing software like iPhoto and the rest of the iWork suite.”

2:21:45 PM:

Tim’s back on stage. Phil Schiller owned it.

2:21:01 PM:

iPad 2 is still on sale, 399 USD for 16GB WiFi only.

2:20:56 PM:
Screen Shot 2012-03-07 at 2.20.40 PM
2:19:42 PM:

“With the new iPad we’ve taken an experience that millions love and made it better.”

2:18:09 PM:

It’s super fast, thanks to its quad-care A5X.

2:17:10 PM:

“3rd-generation iPad.” – Confirmed, not iPad 3 or HD.

2:16:51 PM:
Screen Shot 2012-03-07 at 2.16.37 PM
2:16:35 PM:

It’s hard to say how impressive that display looks.. truly breathtaking.

2:15:54 PM:

“We believe technology is at its very best when it’s invisible. When you’re​ conscious only of what you’re doing, not the device you’re doing it with… It’s just this magical​ pane of glass.”

2:15:38 PM:

Video demo time.

2:14:56 PM:

iPhoto will cost 4.99USD. Now all iLife elements are on iOS.

2:14:25 PM:

Not order via post, instead, publish to iCloud. iPhoto is available today – on iPhone too.

2:13:36 PM:

Create journals.

2:13:04 PM:

Edit photo books within the app, and order them from Apple. Lay photos out as you wish – looks a little Flipboard-y.

2:11:39 PM:

You can add effects like Water Color, tilt-shift etc..

2:11:07 PM:
Screen Shot 2012-03-07 at 2.10.00 PM
2:10:47 PM:

You can also brighten up, sharpen, repair specific areas within a photograph. All with the tip of your finger (or stylus, if you have one).

2:09:51 PM:

Tap on specific areas to change white balance, brighten, edit color saturation etc. Looks awesome.

2:09:44 PM:
Screen Shot 2012-03-07 at 2.09.28 PM
2:08:57 PM:

Correction from earlier, this liveblogging tool doesn’t like the dollar sign. iMovie is 4.99 USD, not 0.99.

2:07:33 PM:

Cropping is fluid, intuitive. Very simple.

2:06:54 PM:

One-tap straightening, and auto-enhancing.

2:06:22 PM:

Double-tap one image, and it brings up all your similar images for comparison.

2:05:55 PM:

Share instantly through twitter, flickr…

2:05:26 PM:
Screen Shot 2012-03-07 at 2.05.11 PM
2:05:21 PM:

iPhoto on iPad supports up to 19MP photos.

2:02:57 PM:

“New gestures, new effects, multi-touch editing…”

2:02:45 PM:
Screen Shot 2012-03-07 at 2.02.27 PM
2:02:28 PM:

Cool feature: beam photos directly between iDevices.

2:01:47 PM:
Screen Shot 2012-03-07 at 2.01.35 PM
2:01:46 PM:

“If you’re someone, like many of us are, who truly love the photos they take with family and friends and want to do even more with their photos, that is what iPhoto is for.”

2:01:00 PM:

New App: iPhoto for iPad!

2:00:34 PM:

iMovie: .99 (free update if you already have it)

1:59:58 PM:

Advanced planning, and editing tools. Threat to the Mac version? Hard to imagine, but it’s moving in the right direction.

1:59:45 PM:
Screen Shot 2012-03-07 at 1.59.28 PM
1:59:13 PM:

New updates to iMovie too.

1:56:59 PM:

Smart strings, note editor and iCloud compatible. Share projects.

1:56:41 PM:
Screen Shot 2012-03-07 at 1.56.27 PM
1:56:29 PM:

Garageband on iPad getting an update too.

1:56:07 PM:

iWorks apps all getting an update, all still .99.

1:54:15 PM:

Is this a console killer?

1:53:43 PM:

According to Epic Games rep, this iPad has a better screen resolution, and memory than either the PS3 or Xbox 360.

1:52:24 PM:

New features: connect enemies for “chain attack”

1:51:29 PM:
Screen Shot 2012-03-07 at 1.51.12 PM
1:51:17 PM:

“We have HDR graphics and tone-mapping. Looks of beautiful lighting and action.”

1:50:51 PM:

I’m officially excited, next game: Infinity Blade: Dungeons.

1:49:31 PM:

Is iPad going down the route of Mac naming? iMac is iMac, whatever generation. iPad looks to be doing the same. I wonder if the iPhone will follow suit later this year.

1:48:20 PM:

Nothing on official name, looks like it could be simply: iPad.

1:47:52 PM:
Screen Shot 2012-03-07 at 1.47.39 PM
1:47:49 PM:

They’ve demoed a new game called Sky Gamblers, flight game, dogfighting etc. Now it’s the new SketchBook Ink.

1:46:08 PM:
Screen Shot 2012-03-07 at 1.45.51 PM
1:46:02 PM:

“Console quality gaming”

1:45:24 PM:

16GB 499, 32GB 599, 64GB 699.

1:44:52 PM:

Sorry, error with the live blog: 499 USD for 16GB..

1:43:13 PM:

Time for some high definition demos… you can optimise apps to take full advantage of the Retina. Namco is first up..

1:42:21 PM:

Apps should take advantage of the higher resolution from the get go.

1:42:04 PM:

“Everything has been updated, but as you remember when the iPhone 4 went to the retina display,​ developers didn’t have to do anything and their apps looked better.”

1:41:35 PM:
Screen Shot 2012-03-07 at 1.41.10 PM
1:41:32 PM:

“US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan..” Biggest iPad rollout yet.

1:41:11 PM:

Pre-orders start today, launch on March 16th.

1:40:39 PM:

9 for the 16GB version… as usual.

1:40:18 PM:

9.3mm thin, and weighs 1.4lbs.

1:39:53 PM:

9 hours on 4G.

1:39:49 PM:
Screen Shot 2012-03-07 at 1.39.28 PM
1:39:20 PM:


1:38:57 PM:

It’s no small feat. This new iPad has the most wireless bands that has ever shipped.

1:38:46 PM:
Screen Shot 2012-03-07 at 1.38.27 PM
1:38:41 PM:

The iPad supports an insane number of bandwidths. It can be used on 3G throughout the world. A true “world-mode” tablet.

1:37:44 PM:

New iPad can be used as a portable hotspot. Finally!

1:36:52 PM:
Screen Shot 2012-03-07 at 1.36.32 PM
1:36:41 PM:

“Verizon, Rogers, Bell, Telus and AT&T will be the LTE partners.”

1:36:16 PM:

Both Verizon and AT&T LTE confirmed. They’re doing a test now.

1:35:23 PM:

iPad has 21Mbps HSPA+, 42Mbps DC-HSDPA, and LTE at 73Mbps.

1:34:08 PM:

Next feature: 4G LTE! (wasn’t expecting that)

1:33:51 PM:
Screen Shot 2012-03-07 at 1.33.37 PM
1:33:32 PM:

Instead of being a full-on assistant like Siri, it converts speech to text for emails, iMessage etc.


1:33:16 PM:
Screen Shot 2012-03-07 at 1.32.58 PM
1:32:54 PM:

Next feature: Voice Dictation (notice, they don’t call it Siri)

1:32:25 PM:

Full HD video recording, they show off some examples of footage.

1:31:59 PM:

Next feature: 1080p video capture.

1:31:13 PM:

Camera is essentially the same as the iPhone 4..

1:30:58 PM:
1:30:44 PM:

“5-megapixel backside illuminated sensor on the back, 5-element lens, IR filter, and ISP built into ​the A5X chip.”

1:30:17 PM:

Next feature: iSight camera

1:29:57 PM:

Apple states that the A5 is “twice as fast” as the Tegra 3, four times the performance.

1:29:13 PM:

Quad-core graphics.

1:28:31 PM:

On to the processor: A5X

1:28:20 PM:
1:28:14 PM:

40% better color saturation too.

1:27:56 PM:

Pixels are indistinguishable from 15″, iPhone’s from 10″. Different uses, different regular distance from eyes.

1:27:38 PM:
1:27:09 PM:

264 pixels per inch “and that is enough to call it a Retina display.”

1:26:28 PM:

He’s comparing it with a 1080p display. Smokes it.

1:26:12 PM:

3.1 million pixels, on a 9.7″ display. Most pixels on any mobile device.

1:25:37 PM:

2048×1536 resolution, as all the rumors had indicated.

1:25:12 PM:
1:24:46 PM:

“No one can match the Retina” – Phil Schiller (paraphrased)

1:24:17 PM:
1:24:03 PM:

Retina Display! Whoop.

1:23:40 PM:

It looks similar to the iPad 2. As we expected.

1:23:06 PM:

“Today we’re announcing the new iPad!”

1:23:06 PM:
1:20:44 PM:

There are now 200,000 apps, made specifically for the iPad’s display. (If I remember right, this time last year it was around 65k)

1:20:04 PM:
Screen Shot 2012-03-07 at 1.19.44 PM
1:19:57 PM:

Apparently, the iPad is the users’ favorite way to read books, emails and play games. Preferred to phones, games consoles and netbooks.

1:18:30 PM:

“We said in order to do that, it had to be the best device for the things you do most often.”

1:18:27 PM:
1:18:07 PM:

Cook reiterates that Apple’s plan with the iPad was always to create a new category, not just a new device.

1:17:26 PM:

iPad is Apple’s Post PC “Poster Child”

1:17:11 PM:

“We sold 15.4m in the last quarter alone.”

1:16:51 PM:

On to the iPad!!

1:16:27 PM:

Apple TV – . It will be out on March 16th.

1:16:27 PM:
1:15:54 PM:

Tim Cook shows off streaming.. apparently, internet is a little slow at Yerba Buena.

1:15:02 PM:
1:14:35 PM:

Movies are now hooked in to iCloud, like Music and TV Shows. You can watch anything previously downloaded, straight from the cloud.

1:13:52 PM:

Apple TV 3rd generation will feature 1080p, and a new operating system. Looks a lot like iOS.

1:13:32 PM:
1:13:28 PM:

New Apple TV announced – not the rumored TV set.

1:10:36 PM:

On to the App Store..

1:10:09 PM:

iOS 5.1 is out today! YEY! Hopefully no more woeful batteries.

1:09:51 PM:

Siri in Japanese is part of iOS 5.1.

1:09:14 PM:

..after enjoying Siri in Australian.

1:08:36 PM:

He talks about Siri. Siri will be coming to Japan, today.

1:08:31 PM:
1:08:09 PM:

Now another key to our post PC success is iOS. The world’s most advanced operating system and the easiest to use. iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are all based on it.

1:07:47 PM:

Tim shows epic video.. as usual.

1:06:21 PM:
1:04:30 PM:
1:04:14 PM:

Post PC gadgets made up 76% of Apple’s revenues last year. WOWZERS!

1:02:24 PM:

“We have 3 Post -PC products” – Tim waxes lyrical about Apple’s awesome iOS devices.

1:01:55 PM:
1:00:50 PM:

“I’m excited to be here. I’d like to get started by talking about the post PC revolution. And Apple is at the forefront. Leading this revolution.”

1:00:00 PM:

Tim Cook is out on stage!

12:50:28 PM:

Test… (trying out a new live blogging tool…)

12:40:48 PM:

Today’s coverage is brought to you by myself, Cam Bunton and Jake Rosati. Have any questions during? Hit us up on twitter: @TiP_Cam and @TiP_Jake.

12:31:02 PM:

Are you excited yet? Event kicks off in 30 minutes.

10:59:57 AM:

Recap: iBooks 2 (textbooks reinvented), iBooks Author – create your own, and an updated iTunes U app.


10:59:16 AM:

Thanks for joining us today, I’ve been Cam Bunton. Stay tuned for more follow up coverage throughout the day.


10:58:46 AM:

And it’s all over. Phil thanks everyone for turning up.

10:58:22 AM:

“We’re really proud of what the teams have done. They’ve worked so hard on this. They do it because all of us at Apple know you can empower people through learning. And tech has a role to play in that – that’s one of the best things that’s built into the culture.”

10:57:56 AM:

“We hope that educators are going to look back on today’s announcements as fondly as our earlier work.”

10:56:23 AM:

Back to Apple’s/Steve Jobs’ moto: “Apple exists and the intersection of liberal arts and technology.”

10:55:37 AM:

Eddie is back on stage – main points: loads of colleges are using it, and it’s all free!

10:55:00 AM:

“Giving us a summary: full courses with multimedia documentation; syllabus and assignments; teacher posts; iBooks notes integrated”

Via: Slashgear

10:53:49 AM:

10:52:16 AM:

You can download or stream these from your iPad.

10:51:43 AM:

Post messages, assignments.

10:51:17 AM:

Teachers can create and customize topics, and add posts for students to see.

10:50:31 AM:

It looks a lot like iBooks. Mahogany wooden bookshelf (virtual of course).

10:49:53 AM:

10:49:11 AM:

Demo time!

10:48:54 AM:

New iTunes U app – allows teachers to create everything they need for taking a class on the iPad.

10:48:12 AM:

iTunes U is primarily used for lectures.

10:47:24 AM:

iTunes U – used in 1,000 universities, 700m downloads.

10:46:49 AM:

The also want to help teachers “re-invent the curriculum”

10:45:56 AM:

So, all that was just the first thing. Phil wants to mention a second. Eddy Cue is being invited to the stage.

10:45:26 AM:

Now kids will want to go to school and learn – according to the promo.

10:44:36 AM:

“They’re going to change the landscape of education.”

10:44:14 AM:

10:42:56 AM:

“We need to engage children – we need to live in the world they live in.”

10:42:12 AM:

It’s the usual, heart wrenching video by Apple, highlighting all the features prior mentioned. I wonder if we’ll see this on TV.

10:41:08 AM:

Okay, having an issue with WordPress here. 14 dollars 99 cents. Not, 0.99.

10:40:16 AM:

*CORRECTION – No book by the three aforementioned major publishers exceeds .99 

10:38:52 AM:

Promo video time!

10:38:32 AM:

Life on Earth will be available. First two chapters are free, the rest will be available at a “very reasonable price.”

10:37:51 AM:

E. O. Wilson foundation partnering with Apple too. If you don’t know him “you should!”

10:36:29 AM:

DK publishing is also working with Apple, with 4 books available from today.

10:35:48 AM:

10:35:07 AM:

90% of textbooks published by these companies will be available in iBooks. No book exceeds .99!

10:34:15 AM:

Cupertino has partners like Pearson, McGraw Hill and Houghton Migglin Harcourt.

10:33:33 AM:

Apple is launching the textbooks for high schools at an unbelievable price.

10:32:36 AM:

“So now you’ve seen, anyone can create interactive books. You can start with customizable templates, you can create multitouch widgets, you can extend that experience…”

10:32:14 AM:

It’s available on the Mac App Store today.

10:31:55 AM:

These tools can be really expensive. iBooks Author is FREE.

10:31:08 AM:

Demo is over – recap time, Phil Schiller re-entry.

10:30:41 AM:

“In 5 minutes, we created an e-book and put it on the iPad” [paraphrased]

10:29:57 AM:

There’s also a fantastic, easy to use preview function for your iPad.

10:29:06 AM:

Apparently if you’ve previously been involved in e-book design, this is a “miracle”.

10:27:39 AM:

10:26:42 AM:

“So what if I want to do something custom? Have a unique interactive experience? Well we built Keynote, and so we thought wouldn’t it be great to make interactive experiences without any programming?”

10:26:04 AM:

You can add in your own interactive elements. It looks incredibly simple. Just drag and drop, items auto-align.

10:25:15 AM:

Demo time.

Choose a template, and create a new document – similar to Pages.

10:24:07 AM:

10:23:21 AM:

iBooks Author will be available on Mac, and will allow you to create your own iBooks.

10:22:48 AM:

NEW APP – iBooks Author.

10:22:24 AM:

10:21:37 AM:

iBooks 2 is available to download today – in the App Store.

10:21:09 AM:

You access the new textbooks by going in to iBooks, in to the store and selecting the textbook category. Simple. It’s all built-in.

10:20:15 AM:

Glossary terms can all be accessed in one place, and show up as “cards”.

10:19:14 AM:

Your highlights and notes can all be accessed in one place.

10:18:44 AM:

There are also interactive Q&A sections at the end of the chapter. I wish learning was this cool when I was in school…

10:17:59 AM:

“Another super critical study tool is highlighting and notetaking – your finger is always a highlighter. You just swipe. You can change the color. If you want to leave a note just tap.”

10:17:22 AM:

10:16:06 AM:

You can also search for terms outside the book using the spotlight search. “Search the web” and “Search Wikipedia” are options.

10:15:27 AM:

You can search for definitions, and access index links. It’s really intuitive.

10:14:56 AM:

If you want to just focus on reading the text, that’s fine too.

10:13:10 AM:

Book authors have “total freedom” when it comes to layout and images.

10:12:23 AM:

Controlled using multi-touch gestures.

10:12:02 AM:

There are 3D models, and have a really “cool, rich, engaging interactive” experience.

10:11:25 AM:

10:10:35 AM:

Book demo starts with an intro movie! It’s colorful, and full of graphical content.

10:09:45 AM:

iBooks 2!

10:09:22 AM:

“New textbook experience for iPad – DEMO”

10:08:58 AM:

The iPad is the opposite, it’s light, portable etc…

10:08:37 AM:

10:07:44 AM:

Content of a textbook is “amazing”, but it’s big, uncomfortable to carry and can get “dog-eared” pretty quickly.

10:06:55 AM:


10:06:39 AM:

There are 1,500,000 iPads in education. It’s “starting to take off”.

10:06:02 AM:

Now comes “Let’s big up the iPad” time – it’s thin, light, cheap and has 20,000 apps specifically for education.

10:05:14 AM:

Students love to learn on the iPad

10:04:51 AM:

Apple’s aim today is to announce something which will help teachers to get everything to the students that they need.

10:03:51 AM:

Reading and writing levels are low, as is engagement.

10:03:17 AM:

Video time – apparently US education is “in the dark ages”

10:02:25 AM:

10:01:15 AM:

Phil waxes lyrical about how he wants to bring Apple’s passion for design in to the education sector.

10:00:37 AM:

“Education is in our DNA”

9:59:20 AM:

It’s going dark, Phil Schiller arrives on stage..

9:55:51 AM:

“Ladies and gentlemen, our presentation will begin shortly. Please switch devices to silent mode.”

9:54:20 AM:

Gathering of folks is unusually “smart” for an Apple event. No torn jeans-wearing devs in site.

9:53:32 AM:

9:52:02 AM:

Normally for live events, I’m joined by Jake Rosati. Today it’s just me, Cam.

9:50:05 AM:

Spoiler alert: there won’t be any hardware today, just education, publishing and iBooks most likely. Still, I’m excited to see if Apple can revolutionize another industry.

9:48:53 AM:

Only 12 minutes until kick off…

9:38:31 AM:

What are you all hoping to see today? Tweet me: @TiP_Cam

9:37:00 AM:

Lines of tech journalists entering Guggenheim for the education event, via @LanceUlanoff :


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4:07:40 PM:

3:56:19 PM:

3:51:10 PM:

3:42:48 PM:

3:34:47 PM:

3:33:59 PM:

3:33:05 PM:

3:32:07 PM:

3:31:08 PM:

3:29:48 PM:

3:28:57 PM:

3:28:08 PM:

3:14:55 PM:

3:13:03 PM:

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