Rumor: iPhone 5 set for October 14th launch in US, UK, Germany, Japan & France

As we steadily approach the launch of the next generation iPhone, the rumors all start settling in to place and we get a clearer image of what to expect. Despite what some head office management at one of the UK’s top carriers believe, the latest rumor is that the iPhone 5/4S (or both) will launch on Friday, October 14th. Japanese blog, Macotakara, claims to have received information that this will be the released date.

It does fit in somewhat with other rumors that we have heard, and to be honest it’s what I’m expecting. iPhone launches are commonly held on Fridays 1-2 weeks after the introduction at WWDC (normally in June/July). It was reported last week that the unveiling of the device will be on October 4th, a Monday, and that it will be held at Apple’s own HQ – not at a separate conference center. 10 days seems like the right gap between unveiling and launch.

The initial launch should see the device land on German, French, American, British and Japanese soil, with other nations to follow later on. We still don’t know exactly what to expect from Apple, if it’s going to be the major redesign I’m hoping for, or just an upgraded iPhone 4. As soon as we have more concrete evidence, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Via: Apple Insider


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  • Anonymous

    Macworld UK has confirmed it as official that Apple are holding an iPhone event on 4th October :-)

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  • No love for Canada?

  • Kmh241

    Oct. 4 is a Tuesday. In the article you say it is a Monday. Not correct.

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