Jailbreak Tuesday: VoiceKeys tweak

Voice control on the iPhone is powerful but it has its limits. For instance you can’t speak and have it converted to text. However, thanks to the jailbreak tweak called VoiceKeys, you are now able to have true voice-to-text recognition on your iPhone!

VoiceKeys provides a speech-to-text feature that can be used anytime you want to enter text. All you have to do is tap the text area as if you were going to bring up the cut/copy/paste menu, but with this tweak installed, when your action menu appears you will see a “VoiceKeys” option. The moment you press the VoiceKeys button, your voice recognition begins . Once you’re done speaking, simply press recognize and your words appear onscreen.

The two negatives I have found with the VoiceKeys tweak is that in order to start speech-to-text you must use the action menu. I believe a button on the keyboard would be much more enjoyable and accessible. Also, VoiceKeys’ actual recognition of words and numbers is fairly accurate when the user speaks slow and clear, but it will often produce errors if speech is too fast or unclear. Overall, VoiceKeys is good, but could be better.

One funny thing I found is that if you use any type of profanity it will not display the text rather it will display “####”.

Check out the full video review below to see this tweak in action:



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  • Which is why you use VLINGO to get things done. And VLINGO can do text messages and email as well. voice control will be updated soon enough, but for now…use another app with no jailbreak necessary.