iPhone 5 pre-order listing on Ebay! Can you believe this guy?

Some people in the world of online sales will do anything to make a quick buck. It essentially comes down to the old philosophy of “knowledge is power.” Despite the countless rumors, leaks and accessories showing up, nothing is definite on the iPhone 5. However, that doesn’t stop people from talking about the rumors as if they’re guaranteed. With the knowledge in hand that many will assume certain things about the next generation device, an Ebay user tried to take advantage.

Ebay user, coltsfan895, listed an iPhone 5 pre-order. He offered the 32GB iPhone 5 in either white or black, depending on customer preference and wanted to start the bidding at $1,139.98. Exactly how stupid is he expecting his buyer to be? Firstly, when the iPhone 5 is released it will most likely be available SIM-free, unlocked. Judging by current iPhone 4 prices it should be around $750 for the 32GB version. Why would anyone spend $400 more on this “pre-order”? In the Q&A section he responded to a question regarding the availability of a  16GB model. He stated that it would be $75 less! $1064 for a 16GB iPhone?! Not only that, but surely when it is available for pre-order through Apple, customers will first try the direct route, rather than taking up some shifty offer on Ebay.

He’s not the only one though. A friend told me a story just the other day about his friend’s dad. He has been with his carrier for 15 years, a very loyal customer. He called customer services to enquire about an upgrade, and they guaranteed that he would get an iPhone 5 for free. (This is in the UK – not uncommon.) He also reeled off a load of features – including a projected holographic keyboard. Seriously, it only takes one misunderstood concept image for someone – who should know better – to make a ludicrous presumption.

Let me re-iterate what I stated earlier: No one really knows what this phone is going to feature. So, why would anyone go and spend over $1000 hoping that they get something decent for their money? It’s essentially gambling. I guess it turns out that this guy who assumed that someone would be stupid enough to bid was, in fact, much stupider than his target market. Thankfully, no one placed a bid.

(Link to Ebay listing. Thanks Jibran.)


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  • Anonymous

    I actually give the guy props…..his stupidity is what gets me laughing the entire day.

  • Reading about the iPhone 5’s new features is a great way to pass time while waiting for it to hit the shelves: http://bit.ly/qDVFYR

  • Anonymous

    The sad thing is someone will probably bid on this like a dumbass when they can order it direct from apple for way cheaper

  • Bardhok Ndoji

    Trust me, there is guys out there far more stupid then this eBay guy. It’s absolutely unbelievable what some people would bid and buy on ebay!!! So i would not call him stupid, but a CON man/woman.

  • Sex

    Well when your buying with eBay u have a secure way to make the purchase… This dude is a tru baller. Get off his nutz

  • ColtsFan895

    For all of you hating on my listing, you must understand that the target audience for this is international buyers who do not have access to buying these phones in their countries.  You must also understand the time I will have to spend on getting this phone, waiting in lines, and shipping it.  Also understand that Ebay will take 12.5% of this transaction and PayPal will take 2.9% (or 3.9% if they pay in a different currency other than US dollar).  That accounts to at least $150 in fees.  Then I will have to pay for shipping via UPS.  I am charging a flat rate for shipping, so shipping will cost at best $70, likely cost $90, and at worst, $130.  Plus I have to get shipping supplies and drive and wait in lines at the UPS place to send it.  So for the hours of my time, the possibility of spending up to $280 in fees, and the convenience of international buyers getting these luxuries, I do charge an extra $400.  I have already had numerous inquiries and have one guy who is supposed to buy it today.  Just the other day, some guy from Hong Kong called me interested in buying several of these.  He asked me to buy 5 or 10 of these and how much of a discount I could give him.  He said he will call me on Oct. 4th when official information comes out.  Obviously, he will be selling these in China where many people could be paying as much as $5000 to buy them from him.  So, hopefully you will understand why I am selling this item for such a steep price.  I did a similar thing with the Verizon iPhone when it was originally coming out this February and some guy in Omaha bought one from me for $940.  I had a family member then with an eligible upgrade who did not need it, so I bought the phone for $320 (with tax) and sent it to him.  Yeah, I had a $540 profit after all fees.  If I can find interested people with excess money willing to buy these items for premium prices then why not?  I am making money on stuff like this, and I am only in high school.  That means while my  friends go work $7 an hour jobs at Target, I make much more than them on simple things and have more time for entertainment and homework.

    • dude ur funny and yet no1 with excess of money like u said wont spent that much on ur add when they can get it on apple store with FREE shipping only thing they pay is to uncle sam TAXES thats it 

    • Golf_rr

      I totally understand you..,,,,that’s what I am doing as well…
      Its funny that I bought and sold iPhones(used and brand new) on a same website (gumtree) and so far I have made 3k in 2 months… Well it’s not a big earning ….but I’m trying hard…. There’s nothing you can’t sell … It depends how you sell…
      I’m in Perth western australia (I’m from hong kong)
      .. Coltrane is Right …. I’m gonna buy as many iPhone 5 as I can ….. And will send them to hong kong and china….
      Chinese are freaking rich ……cos some ppl just like showing they have money…

  • Guynew29

    Because in Hong Kong, people can pre-order iphone 5 for US$ 1,500

  • Anonymous
  • iphone5


  • ControversialTruthGuy

    maybe there’s a whole other world out there geared for stupid people

  • Rcantu84

    You’re a fool. I’ve seen iphone 4’s go for much more.

  • iKhalsa

    You guys don’t have any idea what is eBay for… by reading this article I am sure the author of this article is just a stupid… I always sell iPhones on eBay around $1000 more than the price here in USA… There are rich people in other parts of world who have no access to Apple Store except eBay… Grow up please!