iPhone 5 Case-Mate accessories appear in AT&T inventory

I had almost dismissed the likelihood of an iPhone 5 coming next week when the iPhone 4S product label was leaked, and then news came of a matching product showing up in Apple’s inventory. At this point I was just about convinced that my hopes of an iPhone 5 showing up were going to be shattered at the October 4th iPhone event.

Thanks to BGR however, my hopes live on. Remember those Case-Mate iPhone 5 cases that showed up and promptly disappeared a little while back? They’ve shown up on AT&T’s inventory, and unlike the iPhone 4S inventory rumor, there’s a leaked image to confirm it.

Could we see two new products launched next Tuesday? Some food for thought: perhaps the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 are being launched together because the iPhone launch cycle is becoming longer. Perhaps it’s so that Apple can put behind them all remaining lingering “Antennagate” demons, with a redesigned antenna. Who knows? I’m looking forward to next week for sure.

Via: BGR

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  • Me

    How come one says Cae Mate??

    • Zach

      It’s a typo.

      • Bbarker2008

        AT&T makes typo mistakes?

  • Daniel Wolfe

    It seems there’s always a trend people want and then when Jobs- sorry. Tim. I’ll never get used to that. When Tim decides not to release it, we see it as genius. Last year it was a physical keyboard. We were all dying for a physical keyboard. And look where we are now. I bet most of y’all would hate to have a physical keyboard ruin the seamless design of the iPhone. I think we’ll have one phone (hopefully i5), and then we’ll look back and see how stupid it was of us to ever think they would release two models at the same time. At least I hope. Or vise versa and we’ll see the genius in releasing two. It always comes Do

    • Anonymous

      There will be 2 new ones because of what al gore said. He’s on their board of directors.

  • Simbiant4

    case mate also shows it on there main site currently

  • wait, so the phones would COME OUT on tuesday?!?! i hope not, i need time to preorder to guarantee mine.

  • Anonymous

    The antenna on the gsm iPhone 4 is crappy. I hope they finally fixed it and maybe made the gps a little more accurate.

  • Anonymous