iPhone 5 case gallery shows up – comparison with iPhone 4

Italian Mac site, macitynet, has published a great gallery of images showing the size comparison between what could be the iPhone 5 and the current iPhone 4 (thanks to 9to5Mac for pointing this out). What’s great about the photos is that you can clearly see a size difference. The case is for a device which is larger, but slimmer and has a curved back.

Obviously, there’s a possibility that the case manufacturer’s sources don’t have the right information. But, in the past, they have been a safe bet. A month or so before the iPad 2 came out some fairly accurate representations of the current tablet were outed. It would also be fair to say that with all the Android super phones having 4″+ displays, the iPhone surely needs to increase its own. (3.5″ looks tiny in comparison – size does matter.)

What do you think? Should Apple be heading towards a larger display/form factor? Or is 3.5″ the perfect size?

If you want to see the entire original gallery head on over to macitynet.


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  • Jody

    LARGER DISPLAY.. That is the ONLY reason I jumped ship.. Just can’t compare to that big beautiful screen of the droid phones.

  • Anonymous

    I dont like unibody design on a phone its btter on the ipad

  • Ipod touch case. sheesh

  • Hahahahahaha

    Oh my god! You found… An iPod touch 5 case.

    • Jon Pisaro

      iPod touch has never had a silence switch or a flash dumbass

      • 5th generation addition…

        • Yea, and they would make the iPod screen 4″ or larger, but keep the iPhone with an tiny 3.5″-3.7″ screen….yea, I believe that….

  • Anonymous

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