iPhone 5 already on pre-order in Germany?

Multiple sources are claiming that Deutsche Telekom, the German carrier that owns T-Mobile, is offering reservations to customers for the as yet unreleased iPhone 5. According to Bloomberg, a Deutsche Telekom customer can “expressly request the successor model to the iPhone 4, without providing the name or release details of the device.”

Apparently this unusual pre-order method is being done in an attempt to combat the pre-order shortages and issues that plagued customers when the iPhone 4 was released. Though, that doesn’t mean the carrier is flaunting it. Overall this pre-pre-order is being kept pretty low profile, with no ads in retail or online stores. In other words, it’s a word-of-mouth thing… or, it was until the internet found out about it.

I assume Apple probably won’t be too happy about this, which is why Deutsche Telekom was trying to keep it quite. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how the company responds now that the news is out there.

What do you guys think about this? Will Apple let this fly, or do you think it’ll put a stop to it? And, if any of our readers are German, have you taken advantage of this deal yet? If not, I’d hurry up. This definitely won’t last for long.


Via: Bloomberg

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  • It’s not really the German branch of T-Mobile, it IS T-mobile.  T-Mobile USA is only a subsidiary of Deutsch Telekom, and they’ve been trying to offload the U.S. business for years, the latest deal being with AT&T.

    Anyway, Deutsch Telekom already sells the iPhone 4, and it’s a forgone conclusion there will be another iPhone in the future, whether it’s called IPhone 5 or iPhone 4S or iPhone 16.  So I think it’s reasonable they’re taking preorders on a device that will, more than likely, someday exist.  If somehow another iPhone never arrives, they’ll surely have to give refunds.

    I doubt Apple really cares, and it remains to be seen if there’s anything they can even do.  Germany has a rather different legal system/laws than we do here.

  • What difference does it make. They alread sell the iPhone 4 and they are taking pre-orders on a phone that is not out yet. I don’t think they are collecting money, I think they are getting names. It’s probably a push by DT to try and get more iP5’s from Apple to start off. As for Apple, why would they care about pre-orders on a phone that is not released. I think it’s a smart marketing ploy by DT. Just me 2 cents..

  • FrancesTeichmann

    I am from Germany and a colleague of mine has a T-Mobile contract. It was about to expire and they called him to let him know, if he extended the contract he would get an iPhone 5.
    In Germany it was the same as in the USA…if you wanted an iPhone you had to make a contract with T-Mobile…For most people the Deutsche Telekom is not so tempting, but if you wanted an iPhone…

    No you can either get an iPhone with a contract and you cant just choose your carrier or you buy it without a contract…so T-Mobile has lost a LOT of potential customers and now they’re trying everything not to lose the last ones…

    But it’s not worth it. You won’t get the iPhone any sooner, just because they tell you that you are registered… Last time when the iPhone 4 was released you could register for one, but most people waited 4-5 weeks anyhow.