Case-Mate posts iPhone 5 case images – pulls them down

At last, a reputable case manufacturer has been caught leaking images of what looks like a new iPhone 5 case. Case-Mate leaking these images is a far cry from random Chinese sites posting photos/renderings of purported iPhone 5 accessories. Although we don’t see the front of the device, the rear gives us a great indication that previous rumors are looking all but certain. With higher profile manufacturers now leaking the case designs, it can only mean that the launch is ever nearer.

As with previous leaks the design shows a flat back, with curved edges – similar to the iPad 2. It also has the mute switch on the opposite side, and the volume buttons have changed from being small and round to being elongated and thin. The camera’s LED flash is also slightly further away from the lens. And, the phone is clearly wider and thinner than the iPhone 4.

So, are you convinced yet that we will see this radical new design? Or, do you still think all we’ll see is a boosted iPhone 4? I have to be honest, I’m starting to side with these new leaks. The fact that Case-Mate promptly removed these images from its site is a good indication that it has let on some intelligence that it shouldn’t have. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section, or via Twitter: @TiP_Cam


Via: Phonedog, BGR

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  • Dumpsundae

    If the backs aren’t the phones color again I’m gonna be pissed. The silver back on iPods and iPads are fine, but not on iPhones…

    • Jake

      I don’t know why, but I still absolutely LOVE the look of the original iPhone the best so far.  I will say if it is a “high gloss” aluminum look like iPod touches have had in the past, then I will NOT be a fan, but if it is the brushed aluminum look, like that on the current MacBook lineup, then I would be thrilled!

  • Vaporrules21

    Its probably the next iPod touch

  • Evan

    The one on the right with the tire back is the possibly new iPod touch. The ones with the head phone jack on the tops is what appears to be the new iPhone.